Monday, June 13, 2011

Buffetting: Double The Standards

It was not till today I've just realized I've managed to earn double standards in the house.

Well, more like double intimidation.

The idea ticked in when the younger sister was trying to ask me a favor, while mistaken me for my elder sister for the chore.(despite the distinct difference between both of us)

Lil sis: Eh, later you help me to....
Big sis: What?
Lil sis: Eh wrong person, not you.

Lil sis walk into the kitchen.

Lil sis: 大哥(big bro) can you do me a favor?
Me: What?
Lil sis: Can you help me ...(with an obvious lower tone)

Big sis: Walau, talk to me like I'm your maid, talk to your brother so polite ar? What is this??!!!

No, I'm not the eldest, the big sis is.

Yet, I was often mistaken as the eldest because of my physique(not to mention the ever-old looking face)

Hence, I was always expected to be at the front line dealing with problems.

I guess that's the consequences of having the double standards.

But then again, it might be because of my temper and upbringing that the younger siblings talk to me in a much more inferior manner.

I'm just helplessly much more stern and strict when I deal with the siblings, and I put expectations, incredibly high on all 3 of them, simply because I've been through them.

I expect them to know things I know, or at least when I was their age.

Immaturity is simply unacceptable, especially when you want me to acknowledge you as a person who is better than me.

I'm kinda the screwed up son. Average academic, Sucky sports achievements, bad looks, hopelessly hopeless in anger management.

The lil bro is good in academics, quite ok with the sports.
The lil sis is exceptionally talented in badminton.
The big sis was a state player for basketball, and still manage anger well

And they all look good.

As for me, the only thing I have more than them is screwed up experiences, and an extra bit charisma.

I wonder how far these can bring me.

Owh, supposing double standards post became a rant post.

Oh well, double standards.


  1. charisma is gggooooodddd = = sports will not get u as far in life. so rejoice. XD

  2. Vincent: ditto to Vincent. You can play sports what. Badminton la, Squash summore.

    "I'm kinda the screwed up son. Average academic, Sucky sports achievements, bad looks, hopelessly hopeless in anger management."

    Enough har you. Like you also called screwed, this world nobody good liao.

  3. @vincent: must have sports to impress people mar~~ its like a plus point to excel in SOMETHING sweaty~
    @delusion: what! memang I screwed up mar.. i memang averaage, sports also like can't play properly, looks also like longkang pecah, then panas baran sial. This world got so much more better person lor...
    *finger point at del*