Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffetting : IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing

We started off 9.00 am, when I woke up at 6.30am, and reached the IDP building by 7.30. So totally should have gave myself more time to sleep if I see this coming.

Anyway, I can't help to say that me and Y totally have this serendipity thing going on. We practically BANG into each other all the time in our lives!

1st was Post SPM, we were so close to each other in the JPA Panel.
2nd was STPM, we were totally the mad bitches in the class.

And now, our promise to take IELTS together since last year some how came true today, and we were sitting right beside each other.

So you can imagine the chatters we cracked in the examination hall, despite the existence of the red "Silence Please" button.

Possible outcome with Y? Naah. Y is too much of a friend to be considered as a mate, and we probably scream and each other every single day after we commit because of our strong personalities. Talk about Leos baham-kan each other.

So back to IELTS.

Pen and souvenir~

The only thing I can say is just be careful of their accents and key words. They always trick you with, "but", "yet", "apparently". So clear your mind of things like the hot lingerie let loose by the person right in front and you should be able to concentrate. 40 questions, 1 mark each.


It's easy. You just have to read and circle. End of story. It was easier than MUET in the sense that most of the answers require you to identify, not thinking too much. A little analysis work comes handy though. Overall, manageable. 40 questions also, 1 mark each.


Task 1 was stupid. You were supposed to transfer the data into sentences, and then summarize. I did the :
1-Intro, 2&3-Details + 4-Overview&summary method. Hopefully I got it right.

Task 2 was fun, because they were asking about positive and negative impacts of advertising, and does positive outweighs negative, which I said no, in fact the other way round.

I'm kinda worried because my thesis statement wasn't uber clear. I did state that negative impacts may overshadow the initial intentions, which is the positive part thought.

Anyway, the writing hormone kicked in once I started writing, hopefully everything turns out well.

Overall, thank goodness its over. Time to lay back and hit the malls for some good movies.


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