Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buffetting : Being Authoritative, again

I'm pretty well known among my guy peers and siblings that I'm VERY, uberly, insanely, unbelievably, Authoritative.

I realized this even more after I bombarded my brother when I was fetching him

*On the phone*
Me: So where is your friend's house?
Bro: Turn right at the junction before school.
Me: I thought you said the house was behind the school field?
Bro: Yes, so turn right.

*rolled eyes, turn left anyway*

*In the car*
Me: So your friend's house is on the LEFT, why keep on saying right?
Bro: Yes it was right!
Me: How can it be right??!!! I TURNED LEFT.
Bro: It's right, turn right.
Me: Okay, so lets be rational. Where is your friend's house?
Bro: Behind the school field.
Me: So, at the T-junction, where is the school?
Bro: On the left.
Me: So, where is your friend's house?
Bro: On the left.

*Right on the spot, pin drop silence followed*

Me: See. How can it be the RIGHT, when you can tell me yourself it was LEFT.
*bro silenced*

Somehow I have this fetish to shut people up when they are wrong.

It's totally orgasmic. My friends were well known of my competitive I can be when it comes to arguments, and I totally will shut them up when I start.


Because I never do something if I ain't certain of the outcome.

But its very bad. People tends to pull away from you.

And the totally worse thing is, I do that to people I'm close to.

Maybe that's the reason I ain't willing to get close to people, to prevent me from casting my authoritative sickness on them.

Yet, it is also the reason people put me on the front line as the General when it comes to problems and issues.

I guess its the price and also part of the quality as the leader around people.

Of course there are other forms of leadership and being authoritative all the time totally ticks people off.

But when it comes to war, nothing holds is Leo back.


  1. @del: apar... not that bad la, i know when and where to shut people up. must enjoy the arguing process also.