Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buffetting : Getting the pay

Well, I very well needed to go all the way to Bangsar South in order to obtain my pay for the last promoter job I hooked up.

It's only RM250, but for a 3 days job, its good money. Plus it came by just right on time, when I needed to spend $$$ on books.

For what?

IELTS exam.

Yes I'm that lifeless. I've been studying and taking exams for the past 6 months of my study hiatus.

Anyways, the hard part was to find the office place, CENTRIO.

Ring any bells?

Seriously, the boss even asked me to check with the locals where Centrio is, but all the answers I got was:
1-Centrio? KL central is it? 2- Centrio? I know no Centrio here leh.

I even went to the info counter in The Sphere of Bangsar South group, saw the tenure and maps, no Centrio spotted.

After 45 minus circling around and asking the boss through the phone, I finally found it.

Apparently the building was situated RIGHT on the LEFT (oxymoron I know) of the arch as you enter the Lembah Puchong Community Center or something.

So peeps out there, if you wanna search for Centrio, that's the place.

Went up, and the security system is down right latest.

From flashing cards and chips to CCTVs by the parking entrance, that place is on heck of a modern architecture icon.

Anyway, went up to 5-1, got my pay. Easy as that.

Saw a hottie while waiting for the pay, but didn't had to know the name.

I think I forgot the face right when I reach home.

Pfft, talk about superficial.

RM250, Rm150 for next month's gym membership, 50 for IELTS text books, left with 50 to be kept in the pathetic savings of mine.

Owh well, life of a student.

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