Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buffetting : Bad gym day

I was supposed to hit the CF in Pyramid for pump class today.

Yet, due to some circumstances, class were canceled and members were asked to go for their sessions in other clubs.

What circumstances?


When I mean leakage I mean HUGE leakage.

Seriously, its like the whole gyms was flooded with H2O and they had to use the pump class boards as bridges so that they don't slip under their leather shoes(for the workers).

What makes matters worse?

A Chinese(literally from China) lady hit the grill when she was hitting the exit, and was furiously wanting to complain about the matter.

The supervisor was like "look she obviously can see the grill right? It hit her right in the face,not on the head. She has got to be blind enough to walk RIGHT INTO IT,"

Statement agreed.

What's more, the snobbish attitude and weird Chinese-wanna-be-American accent puts her even in a more hateful bubble, even I as the eavesdropper couldn't take it a fellow Malaysian. *Yes S, its you. We Malaysians gotta stick together!*

The storm didn't end there.

After a few more minutes a guy came out form the gym center and told us another lady fell down and broke her arm, and is in dire need of support.

I quickly suggested they take the cane in the decor pile and break into 2 as support system for the broken arm.

Well they took the advice, and the rest is really up to imagination.

Went back home, hit the branch in Subang parade.

It's definitely bigger with better equipments, but I like the service in Pyramid better, at least they are nicer, and the shower in Pyramid is 10 times better than Parade's .

Taller shower, Stronger pump, HOT WATER.

A guy needs his hot water for a full gym sensation okay!

Overall, I think i like Pyramid more. But Parade have more room more privacy, cause its bigger.

Sorry about the lack of pic. I took some, but blogger's bitchy mode is on and I can't post'em.


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