Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buffetting : Post ISAT Mortem

Well, the scores popped in today.

To my disappointment, my critical reasoning is still weak as ever, while my quantitative reasoning rocked.

I guess I'm not critical enough yet, and I wonder how am I going to fare in my interview.

What's worse, I'm truly afraid if the interviewers actually bothered to allow me to apply for Monash Melb at all.

Oh well, if I don't get Melb, Sunway shall do good. Sunway is much closer to home and cheaper anyway.

Yet, lets go for Melb for now.

Let your dreams fly Binn!!!!


  1. officially despises the word "quantitative".

  2. @del: why? that's what i do best. some how i lack in critical reasoning, which is farking important.