Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffetting : Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011

I know I'm like one of the smartest arses around to spend an extra rm10 for the courier services to send the Race Entry Pack over to my house instead of me heading towards KL to face the hustle and bustle of Sweaty Land.

So SkyNet did the dropping trick, and the vest this year was GREEN~~ Yay go green for momma earth!

Now the run.

Okay seriously, I was totally targeting 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

But thanks to the weird shoes size and stupidity of me choosing a suck socks, blisters pumped on both feet of mine on the 4th km, total turn off man.

I had to walk for the next 3km because of the shitty pain the blister caused on my feet.

What's worse, my phone wasn't really working well with the headset, and songs weren't played as smoothly as they do in the treadmill! WTFudge.

I almost wanted to give up on the 5th km and just hitch a ride back to the starting point with the ambulance because of the blister.

thanks for the cheer! though we should have more in the middle instead of the end.
But thank goodness I didn't.

Gotta keep the stubbornness in the head, even if its short distance as 10km.

For the last 3 km, I just retied the shoe lace, braced myself and take the pain away into the wind.

Somehow I have like super lotsa excuses for me to be slow and trouble prone today.

1-The was drizzling. Drizzling+ Specs = Fog. But it stopped and the weather was superb for marathon later on. So yes, stupid excuses

2- I was freakin carrying my bag. Shouldn't have listened to the siblings. The phone, the touch and go was more than enough. Next run, nothing but phone and headset, period.

3- The blister. Why did I have blister today???!! I ran 3 km normally with the same shoes and socks but no blisters! Why today?!! Weird crap.

4- I totally had no sleep the night before, like I didn't sleep at all. I have no idea why my body ain't like sleeping these days at night. I had to kick in some nap with my bag as my pillow when I reached Jalan Parlimen while waiting for 7am to arrive from 5 am. I had to leave the house 4.15am to hitch the 4.30am shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya LRT, or I have to bear the traffic jam when I drive back from Dataran Merdeka.

Finish line! For 10km la.
The last kilometer was really long, and I had to stop like 2 times when I was on my way to Dataran Merdeka from Sogo.

Weak mental strength, need to work harder.

Amateur runners haha. He's better. 21km siot.

And what's best to reward yourself after 10km and a hectic week of exams?
Shell SS15 nasi lemak!!! totally skipping dinner man.
PS: Clayden! the dude with leggings! but the angmoh girl blocked him la.


  1. darn it! another guy who finished b4 i did! grr! hatechoo!

    but congrats! i loved how pretty KL looked without the kanasai jams!

    see you at other upcoming runs? :)

  2. Joshua: ditto!! How come these guys finish so darn fast lehh??? Grrr....

    Hahahaha. Sorry I'm super kiasu. Anyways, congrats! Hope to see you at future runs! : )

  3. @joshua: haha that's with blisters somemore man!thanks loads! haha its okay! as long as you finished it its more than enough! KL does look great without killer cars.

    I will be at men's health and adidas run if you are joining!

    @vin: everyone's kiasu at some point la.. i was like fark this dude was so behind me just now, and he's in front di???!! focus focus, run to win yourself!

    if you are going for adidas and men's health, see you there!

  4. Well done! Guess you'll be up for all the next marathons!

  5. @savante: haha if i have enough $$$ to register I will! you going for the other marathons?

  6. u aiming at 40 to 50 mins?! serious shit man, are u planning to fly? hahahahahhahahahahaha