Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buffetting : In promtu Japan 23 Steamboat and BBQ

I have a confession to make.

There is no such term as "diet" in my family.

IT's either you eat and get fat, or you eat and sweat them all out.

So thanks to the sharp eyes of the sister in hunting down for cheap steamboats, we managed to find one near wangsa maju where the cousins stay.

the cousins. digimon show down this friday.

The place name was Japan 23 BBQ and Steamboat. It is situated near the Central Mart in Jalan Genting Klang, and apparently the promotional pricing for now is:

Adult @ 12.90
Child @ 8.90

Yes, as cheapskate as the price, my brother actually sounded, " What you expect from 12.90? All imitation food, and minimal seafood choices."

And yes, even when they boasted they have over 100 choices of food, I guess the ice cream were one of the 100s. I didn't start counting, though I was really tempted to.

Anyway,it has been a while since I had this kind of food. Ten years back we had a famous shop called Telephone Boothe which they have these steamboat+BBQ services, but it seemed to have disappeared into thin air now.

Look! The famous butter ball!

For what?

Greasing the aluminium foil!

Because the shop was also too cheap skate to wash the pan, they substitute it with aluminium foil and pandan leaves when the foils were torn. Innovative, but cheapskate.

The product :

Overall I would say its a good place to just fool around and chit chat instead of a decent dinner. Definitely better than yamcha in Mamaks.

Why? Because even cooking together on the pan itself is FUN!

And crap about how sucky each cousin's grilling skills get is totally a bomb!

What's more, laughing at all the shapes and sizes of the grilled product never ends.

Owh, apparently they serve the soup which we normally take with shark fin:

Just the soup, without the fin. At least something out of the blues.

Conclusion, don't expect good food. I mean, well the food is edible. And most importantly you get to spend time with people you are comfortable with, ie, cousins.

Variety wise, definitely less than 100 types. If you manage to go just count it yourself.

Japan 23 BBQ Steamboat
Off Jalan 3/23A
Taman Danau KotaJalan Genting KlangKuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

PS: Apparently they have had prawns and live frogs before this according to happy happy , Aileen and Sue Ann. Just random people who I found went to this place. I guess the owner wanted to boost some business so he halved everything including the price and variety of food. Cheapskate.

Other than that, it was a fun night! And a Digimon Rumble Arena showdown was also confirmed!

I realized I used lotsa "cheapskate" in this post. Owh well, sorry to the owner. I guess you should have added in more varieties. At least add in the fungi man.

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