Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buffetting : Friday Friday.

So its like everyone is doing a parody of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY in different language.

Living in a multiracial country like Msia, we just can't pass out an opportunity to flaunt our known language can we?

So there we have a list of different languages' Friday:

The original

Malay version

Hokkien version

Chinaman Chinese version

And last but not least, yours truly's

Japanese version.

Laugh all you want I don't care. At least I have a 15 minutes of fame XD


  1. Haha fun stuff bruv. I know the guy singing the hokkien version though, he's in the UK. And since when did you speak Jap?

  2. That's the spirit!! Start spreading the Friday ideology hahahaha!

    My frens find me super annoying when I sing it =(

  3. @shahnon: since I had classes in ICLS man! Hope you liked the jap version of mine!
    @alex: haha everyone finds it annoying when ANYONE sings it! The alternate versions sound ridiculous, but better than the english one XD

  4. i dont like any of these friday shites. freakin annoying.

    though, gotta apploud ur effort. heck i don even have the guts to put up my own pic.

    ps: it's not me on fb. i didn't know wat's ur name.

  5. owh then you've gotta be annoyed by my video xD

    thanks haha i will try to post more video from now on!

    ps: yea i figured it was another fella from the blogosphere. sheesh he managed to get my real fb account some more man! anonymous too! owh, my name? if you wanna add me you can always just google Binn and walah!