Sunday, May 8, 2011

Buffetting : KL Tower Night International Towerthon 2011

Finally, I've made my first move on my first running event.

Jakun being jakun. Have to take the picture of this baby.

Towerthon, one word to explain everything.


Never knew life could be this good after you complete the run, and getting the medal at the finish floor, literally. And guess what? I managed to complete the whole 2056 or 2058 fleets of stairs in:

Yay! I was really shocked to know my time ya know!

I was the fourth among the 7 friends who went, and well, 469th among 3500 contestants including the girls.

469, sheesh I some how became really sensitive to these 3 numbers, 4-for 69.

Okay overboard.

The organizers did a great job I guess.

bib chip bib chip!!!!

Other than the constant sweeping by the other inconsiderate contestants, the whole KL towerthon team was pretty much really nice.

"Come on its only 3 more storeys!"

"Boost up with 100plus!"

"You can do it!!!"

Owh, my heart just pumped even harder when I ran.

Oops, the experience.

We were actually late for the 8.00 pm registration. But thankfully, the organizers were smart enough to flag off with a 300 participants per flagging method. In that sense we have had more time to prepare and take a break after sprinting our way from Dang Wangi LRT station.

Alrighty, the run started off from the bottom of the tower, and we were supposed to run for about 1 to 2km, maybe less uphill towards the entrance of the tower.

Talk about killer air. My throat was freaking dry after I reached the tower entrance. Probably due to the exhaust-gas-filled-air.

Blasted all the way up to the 8th floor after a 100plus, then I needed a 10 sec break.

Blasted to 12th floor and keep on telling myself that I can go for another dozen of storeys if I could do it by now.

Rested again at the 16th floor to rest the legs. Seriously, I thought I was going to break my knees, but the thighs were the killer pains.

Blasted again up to the 22th floor, only to realize there were more.

Finally to TH00, the last water station. It was then that we were informed that we have only last 3 storeys to go.

When I hit TH03, it was like I've conquered Malaysia somehow.

Seriously, I've conquered Malaysia for the 2nd time! 1st, STPM. Now KL Tower. How many people out there did the exact same thing man?

Met my friend who won me by a minute.

What's next? Getting down. They only have had like 4 lifts for the 1000 plus participants plus PUBLIC.

I was like, ello, ain't we the public too?

Owh no, we are participants.

So you know, Malaysians being Malaysians, with testosterone and all some more, they have GOT TO get down FIRST.

"Boo" "Owh" "Woi" and all sorts come into the picture very fast.

As for me, well I was smart enough to help out at the water station to refill the 100plus and mineral water for the other participants to kill some time and wait for the next elevators instead of squeezing with other sweat-drenched homo sapiens.

Helping out was fun and meaningful. Plus, you can actually help out in cheering for the people.

And, taxing on some of the 100plus along the way. XD

As the crowd reduce its size around, I made my move down the elevator.

Met a few foreigners who dined in the revolving restaurant who were real nice.

"So was it real tiring? Did you look up the stairs when you were running" (+ the british accent)

" We care barely focus on other stuffs other than the stairs when we were running!" was my asnwer.

It was just so weird, because the interaction only existed between me and them only. The other
Malaysians were just, quiet.

Sheesh, talk about being COOL and all.

Overall, loved the experience. Being able to go with a whole other bunch of friends made it even awesome.

Great run! Now for NTV 7, Adidas, Std Chartered and maybe Penang Bridge Run~

PS: Somehow I managed to "attract" one of the new friend xD


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  2. lol took back my earlier comment. :P

    but yeah, u run a lot faster than me. :D

  3. ish ish wanted to know what you typed sum more T.T harh? must be the short distance la... run normal marathon u sure win

  4. Can u walk after the event? :x

  5. @alex: surprisingly I was even much higher after the run! no idea why! but once I hit home after 15mins drive, toned down and started to feel the sore in the abs, but not the legs. Funny the legs were still okay after everything, but my sorethroat killed me

  6. Wow, weird side effects hahahaha! I think id need to be on wheel chairs for a few days if it was me LoL!!

  7. @alex: haha no man, you are fit enough to climb if I can! its the bad air in KL. Too much smoke in the air.

  8. Trust legs would die! Even walking in pavilion for just several hours, and my butt aches the following day LoL

  9. @alex: pavilion different, you go eye-candying around also mar~ XD

  10. lol. nah... i'm very obese one. can't run fast. lol

  11. @medie: u obese I'm beyond repair okay