Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buffetting: Wesak Spirit

It's only normal for me to help out every year in the temple after all the time I've spent in practicing the Dhamma.

So, as usual, I went as volunteer again under the youth section this year.

Although I was informed that I will be helping in the health check-up section this year, which obviously will help me in getting experience about the health care, not to mention picking up some tips off the doctor on duty, I was somehow directed to the ushering division.

Meaning, ambassador duties.

It's so weird that I become so natural in dealing with crowds, but it was my really my first time being an usher in the temple, with all the adults watching you and all.

But, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of being an authority part of the event, telling people where, what to do and solving their problems and all.

As glamorous as it sounded, the whole was just crowd control and trafficking.

You know desperate people can get when it comes to waiting for their turn to get into shrine halls, and Chinese being most of the devotees in Buddhism, the desperation is elevated to a whole new level.

Woohoo Hannah Yeoh in the temple!
I mean, when you come over to offer your respect and flowers to the Buddha, do it with a sincere heart, WAIT FOR TURN PATIENTLY, DO NOT CUT LINES, and freaking DO NOT THINK YOU ARE MORE SUPERIOR THAN ANY OF OTHERS.

There are these portion of Chinese(typical ones) who just ramble ramble and ramble when we told them the first session has already commenced, just be back in 30 minutes. The whole SJBA have that many activities going like FREE FOOD, health check, movie festival, bazaar and oil lighting and all sorts. Just be back in 30 minutes!
For illustration purposes only

And there's another portion who just kept on mumbling about how they should have gone it first and all. Hello, if you ain't know anything you ain't do complain okay. Owh well, I was really reluctant to explain further anyway so let them be.

Other than these portions, the other devotees were relatively nice and I just love the way they smile back or replied when I greet them Happy Wesak Day with my biggest smile~ It just feel so RIGHT, or just pure satisfaction in seeing people replying smiles and all.

we even had Selangor's Menteri Besar in the temple! Big shot big shot~

And that was practically my job for the whole day, from 8 to 5. As boring as it sounded HERE, things were definitely more lively back in the shrine hall. It was like back in the prefect days~

Yea I have this weird tendency to get myself into jobs and weird duties so screw me.

Lets hope the Wesak spirit stays no matter if its wesak or not.

Even the dust on my feet formed a LOVE~

May you readers be well and happy always also.


  1. Gosh I miss SJBA mate. Feels like ages since I was last there.

  2. @shahnon:yipes I always thought you were a christ~ or maybe you just have friends there too? haha yea its fun to be around sjba. very tranquil place.

    @del: LOL la. It did happen! It's not like I gathered the dusts deliberately to form a heart XD