Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buffetting : Offer Letters

So yes I did mention aeons ago that I will be applying for the whole wide world.

Guess what? I've only narrowed down to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong today.

Not to mention the high-class Hong Kong University which have not replied my application till today, in which the app status online states "Under Consideration"

Ello, even Singapore have sent me my OFFER LETTERS already. Can't you just make up your mind and tell me if I've made it through or not?

Anyways, I've promised to post up on the offer letters received, so here we go:

The ones from IMU and Newcastle has been mentioned here, so lets not waste time there.

Next one to follow is National University of Singapore, which managed to offer me :

5th choice though. Went blank when I saw the words popped up in bold capital letters when I checked. I guess Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Chem Engineering is too much for me to handle in NUS. Appealing for science soon, hopefully things will turn out okay.

Next in line , Nanyang Technological University offered me:

Well, not bad I'd say. It was my 3rd choice, behind Chem Engineering, and Chem Engineering+ Business minor. I had a hunch on Singapore is trying to pull me to the business side instead of sciences. Is it a sign or something?

Owh! I forgot! My long lost dream!

The Japanese Embassy Of Malaysia dropped this too:

I swear I will write all my ref no and name properly in every single sheet to reduce my failure chances! Plus I'm like the first person to apply in Natural Science B, NSB001, ain't a number you will miss in a long shot, no?

That pretty much sums up my offers so far.

2 med school offers, 1 business school offer, and 1 architecture and design school offer( yes real estate is in this school).

Pete knows what Malaysian Universities will offer me. Another 2 months to rot before I know my verdict.


  1. I hate local universities and UPU (whichever that applies in Malaysian Higher Education Admissions)!

    They are sipek inefficient. Apply by April yet need to wait 3 months to know the results????

  2. @del: tell me about it. thanks to them i am like hanging right there. Malasia mah..

  3. real estate? lol... but then again, it's NUS... so...

    then again (also), i suppose u're mind's sort of decided on what u wanna study?

  4. @medie: but they say this course is the dumping zone. I'm not sure if I should go for the welcoming tea party XD

    decided, but I can always go for the american pathway. there's a NUS-DUKE postgrad program. yet, its a loooong way. Shit so fickle minded.