Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buffetting : Rec

Think what you think but this is a much more permanent and convenient way to record my body check regime.


Total Body Water % : 60.9%
Muscle mass: 73.8kg
Physique Rating: 6
Fat %: 16.9%
Bone Mass: 4.0kg
Visceral fat rating : 9
Metabolic age: 17


Total Body Water % : 62.8%( up by 2%)
Muscle mass: 76.5kg( up by 2.7kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 14.2%(down up 2.7%)
Bone Mass: 4.1kg( up by0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 9(same)
Metabolic age: 16( down by 1 year)

Pretty much an improvement, but it should never stop here.

Somehow I still ain't able to lose the blob around the waist, time to hit more yogurt, have been a lil lazy to whip them up lately.

Weird, my bone mass actually increased by 100g, do i still have the ability to grow??!!! Yes yes taller means longer look which is = less roundification!

What ever, call me a freak but this is how I rock~


  1. a very remarkable improvement indeed! keep it up! :)

  2. @lucifer: thanks lu! need to thank sweets and his cousin for getting me addicted to body pump XD

  3. awesome possum! Hard work does pay off eh ;)

  4. u know what? u actually inspired me to jog a bit more today. lol

  5. @alex: yes it does. the thing is to not expect anything, and be surprised there's actually something!

  6. @lucifer: owh I did? Wow never knew I was the inspiring type XD good good it feels great after jogging! the sweat sensation and the painful abs! but lately my jogs have been low intensity cause need to jaga my friend XD