Monday, May 9, 2011

Buffetting : Mother's Day no?

Well of course my family do celebrate, its just that we do it with a few more other relatives' families.

Being in a family which calls for weekly mahjong and not to mention everyone-must-be-there birthdays, things like Mothers' Day never get out of the picture.

This year, well various parties called for Shabu-shabu, which we literally kicked the place down because of the snobbish+brainless receptionist.

I mean seriously, we have like 23 person coming in for a dinner, what kind of waitress or any hospitality management would put all 23 of the human in a looooong row for long hours dining like shabu2?

Yea we have one in Shabu-shabu bandar puteri puchong.

Worse,even after we complained, they just said, " Sorry ar. Ngo dei joi do hor yi bai lei di hai lit dou jek, Ngo dei dou yao leng yat ban book jor"
"I'm sorry, we can only put you here. We have another big party who booked the place also."

That was when my mum just go ticked off and tell them to cancel the bill.

What's the point of eating when we can chat in a proper seating? Plus, we were the earliest there when nobody, I mean nobody was there, and they dare challenge the rights of the consumers.

Snobbish assholes. They think they are that great till the point they do not need to entertain the needs of other customers.

Seriously, if I weren't distracted by Rabbit's messages back then, I would have told them I will call up the Consumer's Tribunal to file a report.

So, I hereby note you wise consumers, Don't go to Shabu-Shabu Bandar Puteri Puchong. This is the 3rd time they screwed up my appetite because of their irresponsible cum arrogant hospitality attitude.

Limited choice of food, not to mention the limited spaces.

Definitely not a good place for FUN. Dating maybe, but who goes on a date in these kinda cheap places?

So we headed back to Sunway Mentari for steamboat. Well, pretty much all steamboats in Mentari looks and tastes the same. But somehow, it didn't satisfy my craving for steamboat.

Guess Yuen have had much more varieties.

As for the present, well I never thought of presents for the mom anyway.

What's the point. Even when my other siblings got her the present, by the end of the day she just said,
" Ni men hen hui liao lui"
"You guys really know how to waster the money,"

So fine, I don't buy any. It's not like I paid anything anyway. So screw the present.

I think being an up-to-standard son is a more than enough present for her.

I think 5 awards in a day should do the trick.
Honestly, for my whole life I've just been living for someone else, for the family instead of myself.

I have to be the eldest son,
be the first one to pick up my squash racquet when the alarm kicked off,
be the first to try out almost everything in life, including screwing up my education first,
be the first to say yes to anything putting in front of me,
be the first to stand up high in other relatives' eyes to protect my family's dignity,
be the one who can balance up both studies and management skills as good as possible.

There are times when I just want to quit and just throw everything down and tell the family,

"Look at all the eldest brothers out there. They don't have to care. Why should I need to care? I can choose not to."

But I never chose not to.

Probably is the guilt mentality implanted in me along my way as a prefect.

Everything I do has got to go over a judgment filter before I make decisions.

And well, as for the mother's and father's day present, I think I've made my move by allowing them both to stand on the stage of my school in front of almost all the brightest students in the school, and let them listen to all my achievements attained for the my past secondary school years when they pressured me with all their might so that I can make them proud in front of so many other people's eyes, including of friends, relatives and clients.

I think I've done enough. Seriously, how many sons out there can actually do all these, at the same time willing to stay put at home and be the in house maid cum driver?

Plenty have said I've done enough, and not many out there have been through what I have had.

Yet, sometimes the fools who are never satisfied ask for more.

Get Local universities.
Get scholarships.
Get this and get that.

Sheesh, from a mother's day post, how did it landed on my pathetic life again?

Well, that's my mother's day reflection.

I wouldn't say I'm the most filial son.

I don't do "I love you mum" simply because there are stuffs that made me resent, and I can never say that out loud.

I don't even participate in the "love-you-mum" posts in facebook because I do not portray something which I don't feel at all.

The only thing I could thought to wish was, be healthy. Dot.

But I think I can live up to myself, after all I've been put through by my parents.

I've done my part didn't I?

As for Mother's day, well, I wouldn't say I wasn't happy at all, but there are things that occur which really ticks the whole supposingly-meaningful-event because the mother's stubbornness.

Happy Mother's day, no?


  1. Sorry. When you say Rabbit, are you referring to me or another person?

  2. @del: any rabbits I know out there? XD

  3. Oh!~ Nvm already. ..... (the effect of sleep deprivation ><)

  4. hey good luck, i know wad u r going through.... but there's nothing much to do, jz smile, and try to get some cash out of them to enjoy life. xD

  5. @vin: smile. gosh i fake that alot these days. cashing out of them? no idea how. I'm stuck now mostly because of my mum unwillingness to pay for the deposit. owh well, its okay, I AM the lab mouse in the house anyway.

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    1. uh, no? What makes you think that I am?