Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buffetting : First Thon

Woohoo finally I've managed to sign up for one real THON.

Fine its not exactly a marathon, just a towerthon.

Say, anyone knows how many fleets of stairs they have exactly in KL tower?


22 levels with 2058 of steps. Great. When sunday comes, I would probably be zombified.

Anyway, just to inform. I'm joining the KL Tower NIGHT Towerthon on this Saturday!

*imaginary confetti cannons booming*

From where I've eavesdropped today while I hit Muzium Telekom for my T-shirt and bib-no, there are 3500++ participants.

We were discussing if KL tower will crash while everyone resonate their footsteps on the stairs.

Yea, blame of the long study break.

And the muzium was, well, pretty worn down. The air-conds are up, but the museum can probably be walked-through in an hour's time.

As for the goody bag, everyone thought we got conned, big time.

RM10 voucher? ONLY?

Adidas and Std Chartered run you guys better have better goodies than what KL towerthon have installed.

Well, their T-shirt design is so so, but we were hoping for a black one instead.

Yet, because we are going to run at NIGHT. There are possibilities that people can't be seen in black.

As for their catch-phrase.

Catchy, but how thrilling can it be. Ghost popping out in the middle of the stairs?


  1. Good luck!! Dun give up on ur 2057th step xD

  2. @alex: wow. if I can still count by then!

  3. it's only 22 storeys? but i suppose one flight of stairs must be like, 100 steps or something. cuz my unit at 20th floor and i've only climbed 200 plus. =.= boomz never trained for stairs. bleh.

    nyways. adidas's confirmation slip got discount for adidas sports wear, can't remember hw much. stand chart one erm, last year got some vouchers here and there but i never bothered to use cuz u'll end up paying more for other things instead.

    btw, are u affected with the new med school ruling?

  4. its like 22 storeys plus 3 more upper storeys. then its like 4-5 floors for a storey with 10-20 fleets of stairs each floors. plus minus, everything sums up to 2000. Fark your unit is at 20th???!!! Train ledi lor!!!

    owh goodies? well, after this towerthon i think the medal is good enough for me. others, well if its there fine, if its not, whatever.

    med school freeze? not affected because its for uni which wanna register from the starting of the new rule. so med students still can go for med course

  5. nah. my unit only like 200 stairs. but anyways, the towerthon was quite fun. saw your result, faster than me summore. haha.

    so med school for you then. thought u'd be affected since the ministry nodded on the freeze of new intake of med students in all the med school from may 1st this year onwards for the next 5 years.

  6. 400 stairs??!!! crazy ar every single day. bet u were like up to the top in 20 mins or less.

    yea med school. not much other choices which suits me more I think.