Monday, May 16, 2011

Buffetting : Accident again.

Hold your thoughts, I didn't get involve in one.

My car is safe, as worn out as ever. And I'm safe, the only thing which caused the scratch on my right calf is due to my stupid car's faulty hand break.

Anyway, lets get back to what happened.

I was supposed to turn into the right lane from the junction near SS15 market.

Then you know how irresponsible and desperate people can get in order to eat, dine or have any business in SS15, so double parking is EVERYWHERE.
Blue-mine, Red-Laxus, Yellow-Biker.

And so being small Kembara driver like me, I have had to driver a lil further up to the middle of the incoming lane from the right in order to see if any car is coming.

There was this Laxus coming over, but I know I can make it if I were fast enough and I proceeded.

And the Laxus was kind enough to break, but there's this asshole again.


Farking motorbike have to cut this guys lane to the right.

I mean seriously, there are cars coming over from the opposite also right? You should never cut the lane. Plus, the Laxus was already taking half of the right lane also, don't they have any brain?

And I ducked, but the bike hit the car, and the whole bumper came off from the right.

I mean theoretically I'm wrong because I should have waited. But don't the motorbike driver bare any responsibility either?

I should have just drove off like anyone else would, but my conscious(fark you conscious) told me to go back.

Negotiation happened and I called the dad.

Didn't turn out well, dad ain't willing to pay because I did not do anything to his car. IF anyone should pay its the bike driver because he banged this guy.

Actually this Laxus guy, malay, seemed to be real nice. It's such a pity he had to meet a driver like me, break his car for him, and got knocked down by the motorcyclist some more.

Officially hate all wantan motorcyclists now.

Yet, something he said also bothered me alot. He said its fine, without reporting to the police and no further actions taken.

Only people who can come back after this to hunt you down is able to say and let something go like that.

Well, I guess I think too much also, because its just my kembara plate number he can remember, and I'm changing it off too. So yea.

Whose fault do you think it was? Mine or the biker? Laxus guy definitely didn't do anything wrong. May he be well and happy always.

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