Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buffetting : Japalore 2

Well, as far as I'm concern, the tsunami and radiation leakage in Japan didn't even stirred once in my head when I was applying for the Japanese Government Scholarship.

Seriously, it's not like I'm THAT good till I can enter Tokyo Imperial University for medicine even if I got the scholarship.

I'd probably end up in Kyoto University or some lower tiered ones.

Anyway, this is the second time I head out t SMJK Confucius in Lorong Hang Jebat forthe examination.

And this time, I DROVE THERE~

Somehow I have this good sense of direction.

Although I did seek for my parents' help is getting direction to the school, but the direction somehow went off radar when I took the U-turn at the roundabout beside Masjid Negara.

Yet, smarty pants me with desperatomones somehow triggered myself that Jalan Loke Yew and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok is the way, and viola~ I'm there.


About the exam, so so.

Biology and Chemistry was manageable, the only thing which I don't know probably is the one which I never seen in my life before

Mathematics was forever suckily sucky, so no comment there. Thank goodness I managed to answer at least 70% of the questions.

English was so so, finished it in 30 minutes' time, proving its simplicity.

Japanese was a major headache literally, with all the tiny kanas plus the insufficient sleep in the night before, the whole pain was magnified like 100 times.

Overall, the one hour stipulated for Bio and Chem was just nice, in which I didn't had time to recheck everything. But I managed to finish 99% of the questions.

Mathematics, well, screw it.

I'd really hope I get to the interview this time, everything felt like a breeze for the whole day, minus the fact that I couldn't sleep whole night for pete knows reasons.

At least I can finally leave the house to a FAR FAR place.

Yet, thinking too much might just backfire.

Owh well, lets hope for the best.

PS: Keith if you are reading I've added you in my blog roll! Lets get closer from now on!


  1. isnt that 尊孔?

    so how high is ur possibility of going to japan?

    btw,who's keith?:)

  2. @lucifer: uhuh! it seems that the school has some connection with the japan embassy in malaysia, almost most major japanese exam like the embassy and JLPT is held there.

    serious not sure though, really keeping my fingers crossed.

    keith? hehe not telling you~ why not you find out yourself? XD