Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buffetting : Homecooked

I was pondering on what tags should I post this on, tradition or something else?

I guess its a Chinese tradition.

Bird nest, Chicken essence, Groundnut roots, ring any bell?

Yea the typical Chinese house growth tonics.

Well, not exactly tonics, but they are like things to be cooked and watched over by the clock when somebody in the house is in convalescence, so that they get back in shape ASAP.

As for today, the parents managed to cook this:

Slow-cooked longan with herbs(pete knows what's in side) and mini red dates. Seriously I suck in English good terms Screw that, I'm a typical Chinese and I'm cool like that. Who cares if I can't express food in English? As long as they taste great.

This was supposed to increase the stamina for my sis, in this case almost everyone in the house needs it cause we are all heading for a better performance in badminton. So hopefully it helps.

Plus, its super good and sweet thanks to the chicken, not to mention super oily, felt so sinful after the pleasure. XD Sounds like one night stand, no?

Owh I kinda missed the day I need to be the house cook. It's like the perfect training ground for house husband training. I'm sure anyone who bring me home now can get like great soups every night.

Peanuts with lotus roots, ABC soup, Spinach with dates, Winter melon stir, you name it. As long as a slow cooker exist, I can make any soup~

Why am I promoting myself for someone else as a maid again?

Must be the extra free time I have at home.



  1. haha. good that u knw hw to cook. at least next time u can cook for urself.

  2. @medie: haha only soup! and I need super duper good slow cooker so my soups won't go weird! but with rice and an egg dish should do the day~