Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buffetting : Choices, Again and Again.

The offer letters dropped in, from 2 places, IMU and Newcastle, both which I've went for the interviews.

depressing isn't it?

As for the overseas, well, sad to say NUS and HKU seemed to be just a dream, as the peers of my same age has already received and went for their interviews in the respective countries. Pathetic I know, shouldn't have been so active for Co-curriculum activities and just focused on my studies instead. Could have gotten a 4.0 or something.

Anyway, now that I've received the offer letters, time to make my move. To take which university's offer.

I was supposed to head down to Newcastle in Nusajaya for a tour around the campus, just to expect the environment I will need to adapt for the next few years, not to mention the entertainment, logistics and also necessities abundance.

Yet, I do feel that I do not have enough time for any of these right now, as I kinda promised to attend a Christian rally(not sure how to come out to my parents though) and a sales event with my friends. So yea, suddenly I'm so busy when thing are needed to get done.
So now I still have to decide which to take, cause I bet they require me to pay some amount to confirm my place, just in case I pull back.

HELP people.


  1. congratulations. haven't dropped in ur blog for a while. make a wise choice. either way, u'll end up a dr.

  2. @medie: owh thank you!!! haha well, hopefully I CAN end up a doc lol. It's just the final destination being my concern now.