Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buffetting : Hiatus Apology

Alright there might not be many, fine, close to zero readers out there reading my blog but still, here's an apology to those who drop in every month XD

Why haven't I been updating?


What? You mean you can't blog if you are working?


What? I work from 10.30 am to 7.30pm, staring at people walking into Machines to get their hands on Ipad 2, Ipod or whatever heck I products in Machines for the last 3 days okay? Do you know how vexing is that?

Plus, I have to stand and butter up all the customers in Machines to ask them whether are they interested in getting and Ipad 2, then only I can start selling my plan.

Wait, what's the plan I'm selling?

Owh, you didn't know I was working for Maxis instead of Machines?

My bad.

Okay, reconstruct.

For the past weekend I was working under Maxis as a part-time promoter around the Machines franchise in Sunway Pyramid.

What was I promoting?

Yea these are the die-hard Ipad 2 fa-aaaans.
Ipad 2......

50 names in 3 days!

Data plan.

It's like when Machines launched Ipad 2, we collaborate with them to allow us to sell our plans while their customer get their hands on Ipad 2.

Let skip the product details to the customer should we?

Working as a promoter, even more for plans like Maxis Ipad 2 Data Plan, taught me lotsa stuffs.

1. It's all hard selling. Getting customers who come right up to you only happens when you hit jackpot. Oh wait, the commission for each plan sold is only RM5. Sad.

2. Smile, no matter how the customers looked at you,snarled at you, or just plain ignored you when you go up to them. Because they are God.

Uniform/T-shirt, which I need to return. *kiam siap*
3. It's okay to slack. Because by the end of the day, you still can't get any plans sold because of the suckiness of the plan itself! There's so many contradictory in the plans themselves so just holler as a promoter! But of course, I stick to my style to promote no matter what.

4. You can always make friends. With fellow promoters, or even those in Machines who are not your colleagues. Why? They are your entertainment.

5. Just be smart with the timing. Promoters are PROMOTERS. A difference in 5 minutes work is close to none. The only thing you will get is probably realizing you have like a gazillion hours more till work ends.

Quite whiny for a promoter, no?

Well, I get that a lot from S these days. Why so whiny???!!!

Okay, lets get man-ned up then.

Never knew thongs were legal in Parkson.
So that concludes what I've been up to these few days. I will post on the university offers I have received this year on my next post. Then I will see what I will take on based on various sources' advices and opinions, and of course my very own.


  1. Lolx, I din know the commission is TAT bad!

  2. IF u were working at Machines i'd so ask u to smuggle me an iphone hahaha xD

  3. @vincent: yea tell me about it man! but the plan is like rm70 per month, so its okay la... what to do part-time promoter mar.

    @alex: smuggle? there are like 3 CCTVs in the franchise man you want me to get hand-cuffed isit? plus, that machine outlet, out of iphone. only MAXIS have them XD

  4. dammit =(~ Since ur at MAXIS~ Iphone for moi? *_* xD

  5. @alex: oops, I've just finished my 3 days temp job XD plus I can never get into the maxis center anyway, the company is like the roadshow type

  6. @alex: oops my 3 days temp job just finished XD. Plus, promoters like me don't get to enter those places dowh, they got specialized iphone specialists XD

  7. Wah...I very salute promoters one.

    Btw, I always smile at promoters one, even though I have no intention to buy their stuff.

    Add oil.

  8. @del: same same! i even ask them not to givve me their pamphlets, because I know how much each of them cost!

  9. Tempus: Although I also dun like to take their pamphlets, but I always take, because I think they are paid to distribute the pamphlets also right? So if I take I will make their job easier.....
    (dunno this reasoning is right or not...)

  10. @del: depends lor... but i don't take because its a waste of paper also. its not like i will look at them for long anyway.

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