Monday, May 16, 2011

Buffetting : The B&G Issue

I have to express this. I want to be back in STPM right now.

It's even more tiring to have so much more time compared to when I need to focus all my might to JUST study.

The mind tends to fly so much more, and the flight is even brought to a higher extend when you are all alone at home without anyone to talk to you*other than the siblings*

So it all comes back to the BnG thing.

IT was just a text message from S.

It seemed like S is going steady with the instructor mentioned. Going out of movies and all.

But then again, its a gym instructor. As stereotypical as it sounds, yes what else gym instructors go for their students.

You know the drill, I need not say further more.
Honestly speaking this is SO NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I have no idea how many freakin times I've screamed at myself.

I seriously think that its the extra time. Back in the study days I have no need to care nor spend time on these, why now.....

The worst is, I'm like younger than S, so S should be able to take care things better than I do. So seriously don't bother anymore should be the move, no?

I should probably go back to my kid's world because I am that kiddy.

Come on, time to dig back to Digimon once more.

PS: I am that "kepo" ain't I? Why should I intervene with S's relationship anyway?

Best song to express my feelings right now


  1. Oh I like this post!

    Studying is so much easier....

  2. @del: I know right? Damn tiring man.

  3. then get busy in everything else. :D

    read books. go out. go runnnnnn... go date other ppl. go window shopping alone. learn to cook. learn new language. :D

  4. @medie: i need to stay put at home as maid and on the call driver lol. got run, don't know when to go out, learn to cook? The mess I need to clean up will kill me. Learn new language, the timing clash with my gym times.. SAD.

    Decided to g back to my story writing. Hopefully can go to 100th zen this time.