Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buffetting : The Rally

Well, finally I have had the mood to babble about the Alive Rally I went for last Saturday.

I wasn't exactly enthusiastic over the rally, because :

1-It's a Christian rally, and there are some extent of preaching expected
2-I was going there alone, in which originally there were suppose to be a few more friends to tag along.
3- I was freaking tired over the 4 hours of badminton session before
4- I was really having a huge problem to explain the activities I will be exposed to in the rally, and you know how typical Chinese FATHERS deal with these kind of stuffs.

So anyway, since I've saved the night for Rowie princess, and not going to the rally because the weather was pretty sucky and the fact that I'm going to be all alone the whole night didn't stop me from sending mah butt to Taman Rimba in TTDI for the rally.

I guess the concert part was okay, but its still very Christian orientated in the lyrics. I joined the crowd, but I didn't care to sing. Reading the lyrics just made me think about what they actually mean.

Owh well, I did my claps and all, it was okay, I guess worshiping more like singing to praise God.

Next was a relief cum joke session with the pastor.

Funny, perky and witty. Good with words.

But when it came to the preaching, goodness it was all pressure man.

It's weird that the preaching became the rally's main event.

It was suppose to be Youth orientated, and gosh they sure are smart in using pressure to make people to "join" the Christian "kingdom". Weird, they used the word "army" somewhere like its gonna be a war, which really ticked me off at one point.

Okay screw that, lets go to contradictory questions.

1) Let God be your friend, and let Jesus enter your heart because he is the One who came back to life, no one else did.

Question: So are we looking at Christianity because of the supremacy of God? Or because Jesus had the ability to rise from the dead?

Fine give or take, Jesus is the son of god. I have no details of the bible to proof how Jesus got conceived, and almost every details of Jesus' birth history was vague and depended on Various sources. I wonder why? Siddharta Gautama had clear dates and details on his birth and death, and they are undeniable facts.

And rising up from the grave, there are records of people who have special abilities to control over their body functions due to their strong control over their mind, in which they can slow down their heart rate as if the whole body looked dead, and even after days of burial, they are able to climbed up form the graves alive. Look, if there are Other people who were able to do this, what makes Jesus special? Fine the records weren't as clear as those of Jesus, because the Other people weren't celebrities like Jesus, and who would have took note of the Other people who rose back from the grave? If you wanna talk about special, Buddha was equally special, he could see your past, present and future lives!

2- Let Jesus enter your heart and make a change. Be courageous to make this move. Let us pray for you.

Question: Hello, there are tonnes of people out there making huge changes without stepping into Christianity. Prime ministers of Malaysia were all Muslims, didn't they make any changes? The changes might be bad, but ain't those changes?How big of a change by stepping into Christianity can make? Do people get rich instantly by entering it? How do people gain satisfaction by joining it? Getting new friends? Knowing there's Someone you can Count on every time? Face the facts, its one by for himself. Even if your loved ones were to help, the will is upon an individual(to me) to make a difference, not only joining or knowing there's someone there.Pray for me? So are you telling me that if I don't step up and join Christianity, you will not pray for me?

3-Come allow Jesus enter your hearts. Jesus died on the cross for YOU.

Question: When, Where, Why?
I wasn't even born when Jesus got crossed. How can he died for me? For what he got crossed for me? I wasn't a criminal or anything, nor could I because I wasn't born! And he got crossed where? Definitely no where near Malaysia. So how could he have died on the cross for ME?

4-The enemies are stealing the hearts of youth away from Christianity. We need to snatch them back.

Question: Are we in for some war or something? If you are talking about hearts like purity, diligence, integrity and all the good values, fine, we should stop drugs,smokes or alcohols from taking youths away from the good values. But away from Christianity? Sorry but by the sound of that, its like you are telling the youths that they are property of Christianity, to me. Can you use better terms?

There are tonnes more questionable facts the pastor delivered that day to me. I perceived it as an outsider, a person who does not know Christianity at all. So I was making assumptions.

320 clicks for 320 participants!

As for the other activities, well I enjoyed the bimbo-istic video, the company I had for nasi lemak, and also the girls who thought I was rowie's princess.

They were like:
Girl A(Christine): You know when we screamed "Is that your boyfriend??!!!" All the pastor looked over!
Girl B(Forgotten her name): Yea! All of us were like, omgod Rowena brought her boyfriend!
Girl C(abigail): Omg Rowena you know what I've realized? We are related! Like distant cousin related!

Okay, all girls, but what to do, the person who brought me there was one. The guys were really cool too! Joshua was great, he practically introduced me to all the coolest guys around. Titus, Peter, Tempo, Eugene, and Sam. Sheesh, why do I only remember the dudes' names while I clearly spent more time with the girls.

Overall, I would say maybe not another rally for me. Too taxing on the spiritual and analytical side of me. I could have like gazillion questions for the pastor while he preached. But I really loved the people there! Warm, nice and down to earth. It's like, Hey mate we are friends yo!

Damn I looked fat in this picture! Sorry for the blur. Amateur cam man.
Definitely more fun than the typical Buddhist association adults. Though I've met a few who are real cool also.

Conclusion, the company was nice, just the idea wasn't really my cup of tea. I do not mind sharing knowledge, but preaching is too much for me.


  1. never my cup of tea. though i'd prolly say otherwise in a Buddhism prayer, somewhat. but i've never came across Buddhists 'preaching'.

  2. exactly. I joined the society back then because my best friend said i need something to fill up my friday afternoons. Later on I devoted into the practice because it has made sense.

  3. I've went for a few of these 'preaching' events. Likewise, i enjoy the meeting of new and nice people but never the brainwashing speeches. To me, I just believe in one God, as God and not Jesus/Allah/Buddha/ etc etc. I dun need a religion to be good x.x

    (ive also no commitment for sunday churches if i were to be a christian lol...If i were to pray, i can do it everyday instead of just sunday aite? =x)

  4. @alex: right on! for the record buddha ain't no god man. he was a lay man, just the practitioner of Buddhism XD. To me, well religion is something sometimes really questionable. And being buddhist myself, well i want answers like what the teaching has taught.Plus, as long as i do good deeds, whether or not I'm buddhist/christian/muslim, I'm still blessed.