Monday, February 2, 2009

A tradition of excellence

Sometimes... I really do feel the contradiction in myself a lot... I mean I am the one sibling in my house which is eager to practice and know all the family tradition, yet I may be one of them who breaks most of the tradition in the family...

Example 1:
I'm the first PREFECT in the whole family of mine, including cousins from both paternal and maternal side.

Example 2:
I'm the first SCOUT in the my own family, who constantly spend on lots and lots of scouting equipments.

Example 3:
I'm the first member who actually planned and willing to study abroad.

Example 4:
I'm the first member who got flying colours MOST of the time in the academics.(above average only lar)

Example 5:
I'm the first member in family who is crazy enough to join lots and lots of extra co-curiculum and still survive in the first class of my school.

Stupid enough, they aren't exactly the REAL traditions, but I am having the feeling now.. P.L.U. outside there, you understand what I mean. Seeing my cousin who is now pregnant with her second baby, I'm worried sick. I am only 18!!!!! And I'm worrying now..... Gosh, maybe its because of the people around me~ What if I AM what I think I would be? Can I break the tradition and walked out to face the world? What will people think about me? Living in a competitive environment has successfully made me one of the "kiasu" people around who really put their "faces" as the prime factor in life. Thanks to my mum.

Sometimes, I really do wish I could ignore the views and comments of others, but I know I couldn't. I really take others' comments and thoughts on me very hard and seriously. I will bring myself to a corner and think really deeply about someone's complaint or suggestion on for few long hours. This is when my brother keep knocking my bathroom's door as I really love the joy of water from the shower pounding on every inch of my body~ That's life!!! And that is also the only life which I can really think really deeply about my life~ So, how am I suppose to handle this?

Back to tradition, I just had my "Bai Tee Kong" ritual done in 1 o'clock morning, Malaysia time zone. It is a Hokkien's family tradition to pray for this special god as he will nurture our family with luck and properity throughout the lunar year. And of course, as this is a really important ritual, plenty preparations is NECCESARY~

The "kim-chuas"(gold paper) is a must as we will need to burn it and send it to the tee kong so that he can bless our family with fortune so the whole family had to spend the whole night to fold the papers into certain shapes as it brings different meaning.. And I was in the cam-mood so i took down all the pictures~ Up there, my two sisters younger and elder were busy folding them~
And obviously, in every occasions or ritual, there will always be FOOD!!!!! See the roasted pig right in the middle??? It weighs 37 kg!!!!!! Obviously its not only for the whole family... We will chop it off to offer them to our close relatives and friends... And there was also FISH, CRABS,(see the red huge pile? yummy yummy~),EGGS, ANG Ku KUIH, PRAWNS, FOOd and also HOI MEI BOU~ what is Hoie mei bou? Its a dish cooked with all the so-called top seafood containing abalone, sea cucumber, fish ticket(directly translated from chinese) and scallops..
And when there are occasions, there are fun!!! This liittle baby is what we called fire crackers~(like nobody knows) and i guess you know how to play with it lar ok?

But the little baby had also scared my little girl girl over till it was trembling after we had fun.. You should have seen her reaction when the fire crackers flew up and made the "beep~" sound... super hilarious!!!!! But later when I hugged her and found out she was really scared, I broke down because she is like my baby!!! HACHI I LOVE YOU~~~~ I love her eyes, this reminds me of Bolt... funnyness~~~

So, after some fun,we had to get back to work~ My family screwed me again because when they were busy putting up the kim-chua mountain, I was busy taking pictures for my blog~>.<~ Look! GOLD MOUNTAIN!!!! Haha took us half an hour to put them up~ Lets hope my fortune luck can improve more~

Haha, this is a really cool fire crackers!!!! It contains 100 pieces of bombs(so to speak) and once you light it, the crackers fly up in a very orderly manner, forming a peacock-like semi circle formation of bursting starlight... Super cool!!! Thanks to my dad, yet i have to idea where he got these banned stuffs...>.< This is when we started to lit the kim-chua mountain for tee kong hahaha... Ekkonen is so going kill me for doing this.... so most chinese are global-warming contributers~>.<~

And when everything is done, its our time to eat~ look, this is when my dad slaughtering tghe slaughtered roasted pig >.<~ and my younger sis beside assisting him~

This is what we will and may be eating for the rest of the month~ NONSENSE!!!! No la, we will give it to friends and relatives~ Haha, look at the sexy pig~

Wasn't that tiring, but really love chinese occasions as we get to play and eat, yet i also hate it as it makes me fat with all the food!!!! love and hate being chinese~
Obviously, im vain enough to cam-whore and take a picture of myself~ ok i may not look that well ok because Chinese NEw Year made me fAT!!!!! Just give me until march ok????

Signing Off,


  1. wah lu si hokkien lang ah? so many foods. yuhmmy... :P

  2. si lor... hokkien lang be pai jor... mi kia ah zhue eh jiak~~~ yea love hokkien food~

  3. your family dares to burn all those stuffs in subang jaya area? no robbers (police) come for ang pow meh?

    arghhh, suddenly feel like wanna eat roasted pork LOL

  4. haha.... there were 8 of us there, plus a maid and my bitch~ so no worries there even wit the frequent robberies~ but we also hired securities do go rounding under the neighbourhoods so its fine~

    roasted pork??? i ahve a one whole month's supply!!!!