Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Accelarators, Breaks And Clutches 2

Ok peeps, from the title you should know what i went through today again... Yes, driving lesson Part 2 !!!! Today, i hit the circuit again for doing "Bukitting" or literally mountaining. I think this is a must for all Malaysian drivers as it is in the test scope, for foreigners, i have no idea~

What is so tough about driving? It is tough, when you are 6 foot tall and you have to squeeze in a Kancil for a government exam and train for one freaking month. The worse part, your legs are super long and your feet tends to get stuck between the brake pad and accelrator pad... Oh my goodness its like hell in there...

So today it mainly on balancing, as you will need it for the mountaining and turning... so the formula is...:

(A) Once you break pull the hand brake and change to free gear.
(B) Press the clutch to max and change to gear one
(C) Slowly releae the clutch till the whole car start shaking, do not do it too fast or your car will mati-enjin or rather, break down...
(D) Once your car shaking , press the acclerator with the clutch on its released stae and release your hand brake.
(E) Once released, you will move and Tadaa!!!!

That was for moutaining... For turning...

(A) Once you reach teh white line, brake with the steering steered half.
(B) Notice your gear whether it s in one or 2, if 2 change to gear one and pull your hand brake.
(C) Release the clutch till the car shakes and press a little on the accelerator.
(D) Release your handbrake, then release your clutch and accellerator slowly..

And you are done!!! That was the theory, the practical should be a little hard, but i manage to save myself from mati-enjin that much... Confidence!!!!!!!!

Well, my instructor was rather both strict and lineant, but he stressed on the clutch a lot, and that is when i make my mistakes, CLutch, which idiot invented that??????

Ok, today was success, no terror,horror or anything else. Just a little extra sweat on the hand...*wiping hands on the lap* Next lesson on friday, hope I can be better on the road~

PS: Yi Lin said that she doesn't like the pic in previous post, so i will post this one on the Giant and dwarf:
Do whatever I say or its pan cakes for you~

Swithering Away,


  1. oh no... another f1 driver in kl :P wish u all the best. drive safe :P

  2. haha f1? if i rich that level you will be the first perosn i drive around kl ~~~