Saturday, February 14, 2009

Has not hit puberty but can ejaculate???

Ok, don't let the title scare now should we? It is not about the human male's anatomy, its about what is happening around the world right now....

This little guy over here is only 13 this freaking year, and he freaking became a baby girl's father right now... Don't let his looks deceive you, as this little cutey here has already lose his virginity by now... Gosh, even I who has reached 17 last August haven't even been through that and his baby girl, Maisie is already born this February.

See the cudly little girl there? Her mum and her dad. Gosh what is really going on with the world right now? First its gay and lesbian, though people have been accepting them now and they have their very rights by now, which I do stand by them. Now, its underage parenthood??? Okay, need a break from this reality~ Fine, it is OKAY for them to have the baby, it is FINE to know and undergo the process of LEARNING about sex by having one, but look, how are they gonna survive later on?

Fine, even if they are gonna be happily ever after, but now the problem is, he is 13, and he is performing against the law. He is having premarital plus prematured sex. Actually, THEY are having it. But now what is concerned about is not how they do it, it is WHY.

Sex Education has been one of the top rated event around the globe lately, due to the soaring statistics of STD, or simpler, HIV or AIDS. Boys and girls reach their puberty at around 13 and 11 respectively, yet this little guy up there had sex during 12? and if you do the math, the girl concieved the baby around what, June last year? Holy dang!!!!! Look, the point is, who is there to guide these lost lambs? Out of curiosity they just have it?

Honestly, today i was quite well exposed to Sexual Education subject, from the internet and the television. I recalled the movie "Parenthood" in HBO, which they conveyed a down-to-earth scene on how parents in the 90s and even today facing problem in dealing with their kids, and one of them was watching porn.

Look, I don't mind people watching honestly, cause one of my friends has been telling the whole school how it is and all the vocabularies they have in it including,blow job, hand job, anal sex, cumming, bukkake or whatever it is, and turn out he is still a great friend! And watching porn DOESN't corrupt your mind that much, it actually doesn't affect you at all!!

Why? Because it was the high time adolescences learn about all these stuffs!! Yes, in the science text book form 3, there are knowledge on these subjects but hey, they are just black and white printed pictures, how the hell are we suppose to imagine that? So, most took the path in surfing the net and started watching porn.

No i don't , I can't imagine the picture of the girl's thingy from how my friends conveyed it. I had only seen the guy's dick and that is that. Not till I get married... Talk about premarital oaths..

So, that was how most of the guys in my school knows about the sex organs of male and female, not to mention some curious chicks. But, for these case, I thjink the proper guidance of parents is quite neccesary around here.

Reality check, I didn't mean asking the parents to go straigh to their children's faces and sat, "you wanna know about masturbating?" HELL NO!!!! Look, what I meant was, the parents knowing the condition of their children and understand that they are also humans, and they are adapting to the fact that sex is part of life.

YEs, reproduction chapter in Malaysia's science did mentioned that in black and white, but something emotional and hormonal CAN NEVER be written into these books. The most they can do is sit down, and ask nicely and without threatening to their child on issues about sex and their body.

PErsonally, it would be super weird if my dad comes into my room and start asking these questions, and even I wil try my best in avoiding to tell my parents about these stuffs, but if the parents are smart enough, they can get their nephews or nieces to ask, like how the lady in the movie did to know about his son.

"He had one of his WHAMMY last month, (*in this case, masturbation lar...) and he was feeling quite awkward. And he was worried that he is some kind of pervert..." said the cousin.

"Well, its ok. So, what else?" the mom.

"I said its fine for guys to do it. It makes us happy. And he smiled," the cousin.

"Gary smiled? He smiled?" asked the mom.

"Yes he sure did." After a silent 30 seconds, the mum said, "Thanks for helping me out.Guess he needed a male adult to talk to him."

"I doubt even his father could explain it nicely to him."

See how psychology works miraculously one more time?? All you need to do is talk, and a little bit of persuasion..

Now, he had his sex and his baby girl, Alfie Patten nw the only hope I have is that you can lead a happy life along with your daughter and wife... You will definitely turn into a freaking handsome, hunky hunk~(being gay again)As for the wife, lets hope he will not have another sex with another girl out there in the future~ Maisie, welcome to the world my dear, where most suffering starts.

Actually, one of the statement in the article stroke me, "the boys has not reached puberty and he is a father"

Hold a second, how can he possibly ejaculate when he has not reached puberty? Puberty is considered reach when a male's
1)scrotum and penis enlarge
2)and has course voice
3)growing pubic hair
4)elongated arms and legs

right? no? so, if he hasn't reached puberty yet... I have no idea where he got his semen from.. owh well too much of biology in my head right now~~~

actually, not to teach you little under 18s to have sex but if you really can't stop the urge, get a durex... they have all flavours and lengths, get your lubs and diaphragm and spermicides if you want... contraceptives are essentials~

and i have a complain.... Is it wrong for a guy to have big tits?(nipples) I just have no idea these friends of mine just keep playing around with the fact that when i wear bright-coloured shirts, my tits are very obvious. This is when the guys kept drooling and the girls kept asking me to get a bra.. What size am I suppose to get? A cup? YUCK!!!!!

Whatever, im still confused of my future... which course to take????

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