Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hired again

Owhkay finally my status is updated to "EMPLOYED" again, owh well, after these whole month of stay-at-home-and-rot after chinese newy year, i have successfully put in a few more kilos (OH MY EFFING GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!)

well, no use crying over spilt milk, time to get serious and start putting up the diet plan again.. and back to hired, i will be working in Menara Hi-Tech just beside Segi College subang starting tomorrow as a software downloader... if you guys out there ever wanna yam cha with me, you can call me up and we can meet in summit~~` Starbucks is gud enough mmuahahahahahahha...

rm 5 per hour, worth the trouble, but the real trouble is the tranposrt of getting there, anyone wants to let me hitch hike to summit?

one last joke before i wrap up:

girl: mum what is a penis?
mum: penis is a something you will have once you become a good girl.
girl: what if i becomes a bad girl?
mum: then you will have a lot of penises!

dumb, but at least you are laughing~

Swithering away,


  1. it's glad that u get the job especially in this period... congratulation..

    btw, if you are interested in sponsoring child, you can go this website www.worldvision.com.my

    hope you will sponsor a child too ^^

  2. i will try my best to do so~~~ thx for the wish and info ^.^