Thursday, February 5, 2009

Of Os, Bs and Abs Zen 6

My eyes widened as if they were about to pop out of the sockets.. Oh my goodness!!!! I press the nurse nudge button as soon as possible. At the same time I tried to hold Suane’s blood from gushing out of the wrist. But it was useless. The blood keep gushing out form her wrist. “Suane!!! Wake up! It’s morning now!! WAKE UPP!!!!!” I shouted as I carried her to the emergency room. Three nurses dressed in pure whitish uniform dashed towards me with a portable patient’s bed and rushed to the nearest emergency ward. I tagged along till the nurses asked me to stay outside the ward, until she was treated.

I punched the concrete wall in the hospital. I can feel the numb sensation in my fist. The drawings hanging right above the spot I punched shook. I punched and punched. How could I had let Suane to take the razor??? I should have been more careful! How did I got the doctor’s license at the first place??? How did I passed the 3 year’s houseman ship??? How???? I continued until a nurse passed by and ask me to stop hurting myself and the wall. I looked at her in fury, till she trembled as she looked into my eyes. She dropped her report plate and stood back. As the plate clacked itself on the ground, I snapped and squatted down to pick up her plate. As I handed it over, I apologized. She nodded and walked away in high speed.

Slowly, I shuffled towards the seats and sat down. I covered my face with my hands. It smelled like iron. It was Suane’s blood, staining my hands right now. If any, ANYTHING had happened to her, I will never forgive myself. I waited patiently, hoping the Japan’s doctors are skillful enough to treat Suane’s razored wrist. AS minutes passed by, the ward’s door opened. I sped towards the doctor and ask for Suane’s condition. She lost too much blood. And the worse part was, her blood is B negative, which the hospital is now in shortage. Without hesitation, I offered my blood. As mine is O, it is universal to any recipients. The doctor asked if I had any disease. My blood boiled and my eyes filled with flames. I pushed him towards the wall and scowled, “I am a doctor. And my friend is dying in there. Do you think I still have time to lie about my blood’s purity????” The doctor slowly pushed my hands, “Fine, you are a doctor. This way,” and led me into the ward for the blood donation.

Obviously the procedure is simple, its just the process which gives me the headache. Constant wait and eyesore of seeing my friend’s suffering. Suane was breathing really weakly. She was planning to give up hee life already. I grasped her hands in my table-plate sized hands. Her hands were much more smaller. They were cold, and the icy sweat were slowly drying off in my warm palms. “Please Suane, do not give up. I beg you, do not ever give up,” I whispered in her ears. She was still lying her, as if she was dead, but still breathing in a very slow pace. Seconds passed as my blood dripped into the tube, and flowing into her body. She was still unconscious. I felt so powerless the first time as a doctor. I wasn’t allow to do anything. Gosh, this really eats me up. Slowly, I passed out.

There was a striking sensation on my eyes, as I could feel someone tapping my head. I widened my eyes even though it was painful and forced my body up. Slowly, Suane’s figure reappeared in my eyes. She was smiling and her face wasn’t as pale as before. “That took you long to realize, Binn,” she mumbled weakly. I shook off her hand on my head and replied, ”Well, if it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t have been so tired could I?” As I lifted up my right wrist to prove m statement. The whole room went silent instantly. “Look Suane, I have no idea what happened, but the least you could do is to tell me any of your problems. I will be by your side to help you out. Can you do that for youself?”

She looked at her hands. She stared at them for a very long time. Before I noticed, Suane put her hands on my right hand, where the drip was inserted. “Binn, it was Sein,” Huh? Sein? What does he have to do with this? “He was drunk. Cystol called me to Kindori to pick him up as he didn’t know which hotel Sein was staying.” “And YOU knew Suane?” I asked. Gosh, what in the world is going on here? “Yes, I bumped into him outside the hospital when you were having your major operation in the theatre. And we talked.” Okay, guess that was my fault there. But I kept quiet and allowed her to continue. “I got him out of Kindori, but I got him out through the back door…” and she started sobbing. “And then?” I asked with a soft voice.

“And then he RAPED me!!!! HE was with alcohol and he raped me right behind those dark alleys!!! He didn’t care, he just did what he wanted!!!!” MY eyes widened like they never did before. Sein, raped Suane…..

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