Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of Accelerators, Brakes And Clutches 4

Okay, This might be the 2nd last posts on my driving lessons, and gosh I am obsessed to get this posts done by next monday, because I'm having my P License EXAM!!!!!! Tomorrow, 6.30 a.m. I will have to start shivering of fear, because it have been 3 months since I had sat for an exam, again...

But that would be for tomorrow's post, what is interesting was yesterday. Guess what? I went for driving lessons with Yuet and May Zhen. Since MZ was only having her 3rd time, she was with Mr Ting, so me and Yuet the PROs(so to speak) went with ourselves. So we did the basics, Bukitting, 3 Point Turn and also Parking. We both did splendid jobs on those, until yuet got a little panicky and I tagged on panicking.

It was bukitting, and yuet was trying to go down the slope.What was stupid is that she "mati-enjin" meaning the car's engine died off(direct translation) when she was half way going down the slope. As a panicking pair, Yuet was busy restarting while I automatically pulled the Hand BRake.

As result, the 140 kg load pulled down to the gravity with a loud "SHREKKKKKKK" sound when I pulled the hand brake. And Yuet was like, "Ooi!!!! Don't pull lar! I started the engine already!!!" but deaf me who only Obeserve instead of listen ignored. As she released the hand brake, the car started moving freaking fast and I pulled the HBrake again because it was kinda "jam" after the slope cause everyone is doing parking also. And there goes another "SHREKKKKK" session...

So, next was parking. Yuet kinda stumbled and knocked down a "ti-ang" and I had to picked up for her. And that was when she spotted a "leng-chai" behind us. She was happy yet embarassed. We said sorry to the guy with a wave and continued with 3 point turn.

And the whole day, yuet was obssessed in "bumping" into the leng chai, luckily she didn't mean it literally or its De-Ja-Vu for me, referring to *my first accident* to know more..

Later on we went for On-the-road syllabus, which is a migrain coz we need to memorize the route.... nonsense... but anyway... its only gonna be one day, and ader bagi duit kopi sikit so hope can pass with a breeze....

After my P, i will be free and I can hunt down every pastry shop I can find in Subang Jaya and also every Fitness First everyday to "re-build" mua body ~~~ muahahahahaha

and SPM results is near the corner... hope I can score well~

Swithering Away,


  1. oh oh wish u all the best n pass in ur P license exam? say wat P again? wakaka... here comes another dangerous driver. :P hey email me ur email address to

  2. owh come on how dangerous can i be??? im only 18~~~~

  3. driving is addictive. DON'T DRIVE!!! hahhahaha

    just be careful lar. malaysian drivers are insane.

    thanks for the visit. saved urs.

  4. malaysian drivers ARE!!!! im telling you my family had 3 now, the fourth one is borned!!!!