Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mokia and Zamsung?

Working in Hei Tech Ville, 8th Floor, Room number 2 for 2 days have been quite interesting. Well, at least my superior is super cool... He lets us off earlier which is like just 30 minutes only, but i don't think any other places do that. And he had also explained plenty Secrets of ELECTRONICS..

Which is better? Mokia, Zamsung, ELJee, Notorollia, or Zony Berickzone? Well,actually he said Zamsung is the best so far, considering everything now... Me and my friend who worked there together doubted Zamsung's capability but after some brain-washing from Mr Yong, we agreed to this statement...

Mokia, the 1st choice of people in the world, because of their low cost and user-friendly function, but one thing is, Mokia uses components made of harmful radiating substances, so Yong's friends who visited the factory of Mokia in Qhina never ever want to use Mokia again... and i was intimidated too hahaha...

And Zony B, the sound system doesn't meet the standard and may cause ear cancer due to the radiation also, as Zony B was once banned also, according to Iong...

So, the last option around would be Zamsung, as it is the 2nd place, after Mokia , following by I-phone..

Owhkay.,.. now im confused again coz he IS a pro, and trust me he can twist and turn electronics and codes of phone, computers and electronics like crazy, and all the problems he came up with, maybe i should give Zamsung a shot, since i can call him anytime for FREE repair service, if he is nice enough....

sooo... more info feed on phones and electronics dude, PS: i know some of the phone codes now and i can hack into ur deleted videos, files, messages and musics in your phones and pcs... muahahahaha,,,, dont let me catch u RED HEE-ANDED~~~

Thats all peeps!!!

Swithering Away,


  1. I have been using Mokia all these while. what is this harmful substance? harming the workers i presume?

  2. the radiating manufactured parts? its like the plastics and all are not up to standard and they can emit radiations... haha time for a change zewt.... maybe you should shift to Zamsung or ELGeee