Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks to Nuff Nang

Cinepleasure, where we shared the dream~

Yes, they are the coolest online blogosphere ever! From earning bucks, knowing bloggers to uber events holding, what else isn't there? Ok enough rambling and sorts, the point is to thank Nuff Nang for the premiere tickets to The Punisher 2:Warzone in Cathay Cineplesure last night~ which turns out to be Chap Goh Meh at the same time~

For the damn reason, I really hated myself for not having a driving license by now due to my "must-study-first" theory last year for SPM. So, I couldn't exactly find a person to tag with me as most of them were busy, and a person who can't drive is out of the list.(Pretty jerk for a date huh?) But in the end of the day, thanks to my close friend, or rather one of my ji-mui(slang for close sisters only in Canto, which makes me a girl) Yi Lin, for her mum was superbly kind enough to drop us there before meeting Yi Lin's uncle.

No, she is not my date, just a friend bringing another friend for a movie,i'm definitely out of "the wanted date" list forever,for my babiostic behavior... Anyway, there was pre-screening segment in the cafe "Out-Post". No, scouts its not the one in ss15.This is a cafe for collectors of toys such as Star Wars, Marvels, Air Crafts or arms for the Nuff Nangers to gather and have fun together.
The exterior of Outpost and the Nuff Nang booth
The interior of the cafe

Recognize anyone here? Yes its Robb playing monopoly with his dudes~

There were games held in there, but I was busy looking around as it was the first time for me to step foot in The Curve..(Can you believe that?all the more reason to get driving license ASAP!!!) As Yi Lin practiced her skills as a future flight-attendant, I was fascinated by the surroundings and amount of traffic in the Curve. And yes, I spotted a leng chai again. Sad to say, its hard to spot leng luis as I am 6 feet and I could barely noticed leng luis which most of the time, shorter than me... Imagine that!!! And holy~ The Curve was attached to Ikea, Cineplesure and Ikano at the same time!!! Haha, the typical malay and chinese saying,"a frog under the well" really applies on me now!

Yet, we were didn't miss the game event in Outpost, and I got the chance to witness Huai Bin, from the sixth seal in his splendid gunning skills... Should have taken part in the games, owh well, till the next Nuff Nang event... Did I mention about the S.W.A.T guys? Yeah there were two of them sorta being the guard or something outside by the booth where we claimed our tickets, and I sorta took a picture with one of em~
The S.W.A.T. with attitude~ Though I'm much more taller!
The "to-be-shot" manequines(or some other spellings)

And we went for the movie~ Just when we thought the movie was about to start, the whole scene was cut and the lights were on. I was like, okay, nuff nang got a cinema with technical problem? Actually it turned out to be a gimmick for the movie stating that there was a Frank Castle among us, the audience. I was like, okay... So if the lights were on, he should be around the switch right? Then the S.W.A.T. fellas popped in and said there was a BOMB under our seats... Instantly, almost every audience grabbed beneath their seats for the "Bomb". This is gonna be the 1st tie in history when people actually WANTS to reach the bomb... And there it was, with a girl and there was a so-called squad disintegrating the bomb. Later on, there was also a short sketch where the Punisher appeared and pulled off some stunts witht he S.W.A.T. fellas. And well expected, the squad lost and the Punisher shoved off with pride~ Cool gimmick, but the scene was a little too quiet, a little BGM would help ALOT!!!!!

The movie, I must say it was unexpectingly MARVELOUS!!!! (duuh, its under Marvels studios, of course its marvelous~) I mean, I didn't get to watch its prequel and my though was, I think I got myself into a boring one. Yet, I braced myself and prepared for the movie. And it turned out well, actually too well! From the plot, effects, stunts, and a little comical dialogues, the movie went smoothly and full of packed vigilant. The music used, fits in PERFECTLY. I could feel my body moving as the music pounded in the air.

There was a few scenes really great... Spoilers ahead, so scroll down if you wish
The first was the one where Castle shot the jumping monkey in the air with some bomb and he turned into dust instantly... Funny and bombastic literally
The second one was when Billy theBeaut became Jigsaw, when his face was turned into chunks of chapati after being grinded in the item proccessor.
The third one was during Jigsaw recruiting the Asians, blacks and some undergrounders for the war against Castle, and they were acting patriotic? It was just pure humour!
The fourth one will be when Castle killed the blacks with his bazooka thingy by just inserting the launcher of the gun into the door's hole, and bombed the whole black squad into pieces..
The last one will be the last confrontation of Castle with Jigsaw, when he chose to sacrifice his friend for the other little girl's life. He shot Looney Bin James (LBJ) when Jigsaw killed Micro but he successfully took the advantage over Jigsaw later on.

Ok, 5 spoiler scenes is enough for now~ There were plenty of good quotes in the movie too. "What I recommend, everyone watch the show because, even my friend Yi Lin could stand the gore, why not you? Just get the tickets off any cinemas soon~

PS:In case who of you didn't know Yi Lin, this is a pic for you~

Swithering Off,

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