Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Accelerators, Brakes and Clutches + Gear 3

Sounds boring but still, i have to say driving is real tiring, especially, when you are 6 footed squeezed into a kancil, constantly need to compress the clutch and change the gear.. Yes, that would be me*smack head into monitor* why do we have to suffer all these crap??? Ugh.. anyways.. today i dealt with 3 stuffs, which completes my driving syllabus:

A) 3 point turn
B) parking and
C) On the road

Yes, these are basics, thousand times easier than drifting, but look, I sweated like mad in the car!!!

So, I was told to drive all the way from some astray housing area to my circuit, it was a real pain as i need to keep changing the gear, looking out for cars, balancing the freaking clutch and acceltr... my goodness.... This is even worse than the days of me running around in the corridors of Rakuzen... yet I perservered...

I got the hang of signalling by now, its just the gear and balancing.. I still need a few more hours nof practising as I am still confused of when and where to apply them, wish my driving day aint gonna be this bad, if I "mati-enjin" as much as the times i ahve made today, I will be dead.. *hang head with cloth*

Three point turn waa easy in theory, just three simple steps:
A) Enter the rectangular from the leftside, never from the right and then stop.
B) See the arrow, enter it and sgtaring turning when the car reach the 2nd "ti-ang"
C) Brake once you have reach near the "ti-ang" and turn the steering to the left MAX
D) Then change to Reverse gear, and release the clutch SLOWLY, and rest the feet at the brake pad, and watch the car reversing.
E) Same formula, watch for the "ti-ang" and brake once you are close enough.
F)Turn the steering to the right MAX ans release the clutch slowly.
G)Make a u-turn b turning to the left MAX.
H)Once reach the 1st "ti-ang" turn twice full circles to the right and continue driving.

Fine, make it 3-squared steps, but it is ok.. I jujst need to watch for my eyes...

As for parking, I think i still need a LOT more practices... But few simple basic formulas:
A)Drive into the rectangle and make sure the car is alligned with the yellow line.
B)then turn to the >>>Oops<<<

I can only continue this post tomorrow because my sis is flaming now... what to do? my pc crashed!!! somebody help me!!!!

Anyways, exam is next monday!!! this friday another leg cramming session!! wish me luck peeps!

Swithering Away,


  1. for the sake of driving... you just have to do it.

  2. owh great~~~ im craving for an auto car!!!!