Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever look yourself in the mirror,
Yet you knew deep down it wasn't you in the reflection?
Have you ever lay on the bed staring on the fan spinning,
And wished for another to be by you to warm you?
Have you ever logged into a messenger,
But you have no idea who you can confide in?
Have you ever been confused,
To follow your heart or to please others?
Have you ever tried letting go,
In the end you insisted to hold on?

Have you ever looked outside the windows into the crowd,
And hoped you were no different from them?
Have you ever been lonely,
As if you were naked and powerless?
Have you ever heard the inner voice of the man,
Who stood as firm as a mountain?
Have you ever questioned,
If you were right to choose your path?
Have you ever got hurt,
And never recovered from the scars?

Have you ever been at the same state for ten years,
Then go for a sudden change?
Have you ever thought that,
Ten years can really affect a personae for a life time?
Have you ever walked with a person by your side,
And could never take your eyes of thee?
Have you ever wished thee could bother you forever,
Yet you had never belonged in thee's heart?
Have you ever been so lost,
Till you need to scribble on the virtual walls?

To shed tears with a person is to know how much you had love thee for the first time

Swithering Off,


  1. gambateh dude... life is not abt mountain n skies geh. is abt moving them. wakaka... dats means obstacles.

  2. how i wish i could make this obstacle of mine engraved away~~~~