Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How kiddy you think i might be, i found myself freaking lifeless enough to do this.. Okay, remember when you were small and you were all into Power Rangers and all the cartoons??? We didn't know Special Effects existed before, until we were in like what? Secondary school? Nevertheless, my heart still lies young and wild for my fantasies to burn every night~

So, when I was back in secondary school, I was stuck to a group of great friends, which I always though of ourselves as a team of super heroes(bullshitting*rolling eyes)

So, I had the first blue ranger in mind, it would be IMAN!!!! Coz he is super smart and most blues are smart!!! muahahahah
Isn't he yummy?

And this was two of my favourite blueys for iman coz they were sooo smart and cool!!! Billy and Justin~

And as an external gift, Iman was gifter with Premonition, so he knew all the test papers' questions hahaha, like how Phoebe had in Charmed!


Cool right? Haha i know, special effects are such life-enrichment~ so, my team mate is next:

Jer Renn!!! Of course he is in!!! He will be the best team mate ever! And i always had him as the REd Ranger! Why? The instincts~ And he would be the original red or SPD red~

And since he likes Prue so much, he will definitely enjoy the gift of telekinesis~


So, we have two already, next would be the one and only Yi Xian!! a.k.a. Isaac in my fantasies~
As for him , I chose him to fit into the black rangers as he looks real good in black, I think though I had never seen him in black~

And he blow things up like advanced-Piper!


Okay, I know we are desperate for girls right now, fine.. As for PINK, I chose my mama~Stephanie to fit into it~

As for her external powers, Freezing molecules!


And don't forget, yuet yin is definitely in the club~
And who she is gonna be? She is the one and only Yellow Ranger muahahahah

As she was gifted with levitating powers for the karate kicks!

Okie... We had fun didn't we? 5 cool rangers!! and cool powers! But, 5 fellow is boring, lets make it to 7 should we?Some may be unsatisfy of this, but i am satisfied because green somehow suites Jia Wei a lot!!!

So, he inherits the power of Green~~~~~

As for his external powers, Astral Projection~like what prue had
As for the last mate, your one and only truely, ME!!!

Not a good image, but i have to persevere....

I had always wanna be the odd one out, which makes me the white and gold ranger!!Though i didn't really love the white ranger, he had Gold on him hahahaha.... But the latest Go-on gold really blend into me!!1 He is super cool with his boxing moves~

As for my external powers, I loved Paige's power of orbing!!!!
Telekinesis Orbing and Teleport-Orbing.. super cool~~~

Pretty sucky huh? I got 2while others got only one... owh well thats linked powers~~~

Okay... so im outta boredome now~~~ to wrap it up, my power gang:
Currently indulging in Charmed series again~~~

Swithering Away,


  1. u watched charmed? i used to be this drama's fans! :D

  2. im still fanatic of it until this very second im posting this~