Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where I Belonged

For a very long period I had long searched, who I am and where do I belonged. As for sports, I finally knew that I am belonged to SQUASH. Many may say, squash isn't as interesting as badminton or basketball, and it is a waste for a person as tall as me to play squash, but in squashing, I had found great friends who give great advices and great support. Okay, this may violate plenty , but it is MY experience. Unlike badminton or basketball, which when I picked up, the people do not give constructive critics, instead they try their best to insult you to the lowest. Okay, fine there ARE some who doesn't practice this, but that was what I went through. After spending 4 long years in squashing, I found out that the people there are much more friendlier, happier and they take stuffs seriously, even when they are hundred times better than you. Yes, the circle of squashers I joined may be girls mostly, but the male squashers were also splendid personas, and they still are. And for these, I choose squash over ANY sports, not even food can take over squash. I am myself during squash. I do not need to pretend. I do not need to be much more better. I just need to be myself. And during squash, is when I can express myself most and have fun to the max. I could share secrets with these magnificent people, and they are very supportive. I do not need to hide a single scratch from them. These are SQUASHERS:

1. Kian Yip, the big brother who brought me into squash.
2. Siti Aminah, a.k.a. Mak Mahyun who brough squash into my life.
3. Soon Min, one of my very mentors.
4. Celine Choo, the princess who ruled the court.
5. Chandni, Rakshan,Raz,Rash,Joyce Sia, Izwan, Grace, Bao Ling,Izreen,Wendy,Suthasheni,Samuel Wong,Rui Zhen(a.k.a. Olivia), Balqis,Foond Shiang, and Ken who brough life during squash.
6. Yanne, who had also grew with me in squash.
7. Tony, Wilson and Elroy who won me my first MSSS GOLD medal and guided me during my squash.(still owe them a lunch though)
8. And one and only Coach Leong~ who had been my teacher for 4 solid years~
9. Puan Loo and Puan Noreena for supporting me as the teacher advisor~

And back to work, I QUITED RAKUZEN~~~ Why? Too tiring and not worth the pay. But I will sure do miss the place and people as they were super duper nice!!! On the first day i returned with my parent's company workers, Mama LEong treated me with GREEN TEA CALPIS, my Si Heng(senior in canto), Ah Leong treated us with super duper big Ba Li Tong, some close to shell-type seafood which is hundred times bigger than normal Ba Li Tong in Malaysia, only VIPs could eat them~, Ellie treated me with double serving of Fruits and Potato Salad(super nice of her), and Paul treated me also with double serving of CHAWAN MUSHI~~~ Love LOVE RAkuzen ~~~~ Too bad I couldn't take the pressure~ But hey, I have connections right? Most probably bringing my friends or future potential customers to Rakuzen,imagine that, once a most junior waiter, a VVIP customer in future.... Muahahahah(over-self-indulging here) Did I mentioned Ellie invited me for her birthday cake in Rakuzen? Here are the pics~~~

Ellie Blowing her cake's candle~ someone is 25 this year~~

Ellie and Mama Leong cutting the cake for everyone~
How many times you seepeople eating cakes with CHOPSTICK????!!!! Way to go senior~
The other guys busy taking picture and waiting for their cakes~Owh did I mentioned about my PAY CHECK?

After that, its camwhore time!!!

The leng chai same age as me~
One and only Mama Leong~
ME, Sutiana and MArina.. Indon rocks eh?
The leng chai and another si heng~Thuya and Me~

Me n Cindy~
Ellie , Me and Mr Nice Paul Benedict~
Me and Abbey~~ sometimes people call her like they call meMe and ELlie~

And after that I also went for the last gathering with Kar Wyaii and Arellyn before they head back for NS in Dessert Bar, though i didn't take any as i was late~
And not to forget some shots in my open house, for those who can't make it, you missed lotsa fun!!!

Shit i looked damn fat in the picture......

Now im only posting this rigth after my power supply recover as there was a power supply shortage 1 a.m. in the morning and i continued from 4 a.m.... there goes my face agian... look how
I love you leng chai and leng lui bloggers~~~

PS: I LOVE YOU NUFFNANG!!!! I won myself a premiere ticket for The Punisher :Warzone!!!
Don't know how is it gonna be... but im sure going for it!!! Thanks nuff nang!!!

In the mood for classic POwer RANgers now... Love Billy and all Blue Rangers~

Swtihering Off,


  1. gosh? power rangers rocks!!! used to lar...

  2. So nice that you could make it to Ellie's bday event that I couldn't ...
    I still got the cake tho :p
    Btw it's Aybee not Abbey ..
    Abbey is something like monastery you know??
    And oh, I am Indon and I love rock music .. but sadly I don't rock ..
    Sorry my bad joke (you might not get it anyway -_- )

    PS. Glad that you found where you belonged (here is someone who's still searching ^^)

  3. still searching? marina... continue searching!!! all the hard work pays!