Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of Accelerators, Brakes And Clutches 5

Yes i have passed on the road test with having some tea with my examiners but my bukit was a downer.... yes i have failed... trying next monday~~~

honestly it was the freakin cars!!!! Malaysia is too poor to have good quality cars for exams... the hand brake of my car was litterally crushed i can even see the spring!!! And fuck those examiners... that fat ass... ask me to do again..... my second time was a real fucked up ass cause ya know what? the accelerators coudln't be felt!!! and i mati engine when i was heading upwards... I was trying to go slow, but too bad the fucking car mati on the way...

owh welll done nagging time to be nagged~~

Swithering Away.


  1. LOL kesian binn, you failed your test wor hahahaha

    i remembered i use kancil when taking the exams ^_^

  2. yes willy we are stilll using kancil... and they suck!!!!

  3. a fat guy examiner in a kancil plus on hill slope. gosh... it mati engine cos u didnt press more the accelerator pedal enuf lor. press a bit down the accelerator, release the hand brake, press the accelerator down till 3/4. sure jln 1. hehe...

    if u drive bigger car lagi u mati engine. cos its heavier. old big cars r even worst. no pickup.

  4. but auto easier mar.... haiz... next monday need to take exam again... dam mafan lar....