Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personality Test~

Got this off Stephanie Elise's blog so tried it... not sure if it is accurate though... why don't YOU peeps decide?

Your Handwriting

If you write some strokes thickly but others are thin, it's likely that you're a very unpredictable person. Sometimes you'll get very serious about something, but there's always the possibility that you'll suddenly lose interest. It can take you a long time to complete a task--if it gets done at all before something else grabs your attention.

What type of personality do you have?

Your kindness is your charm - you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

The Animal Test

Here is the analysis:

  1. A kind of person you will be attracted to in a real life situation is those who are unbridled and free
  2. In the process of courtship, the approach that makes you feel irresistible is being straightforward, and having your partner speak directly.
  3. The impression you'd like to give to your lover is loyal and faithful.
  4. One reason that would make you break up with your partner is his or her being emotional. If they're moody, you won't know how to please them.
  5. The kind of relationship you'd like to build with your partner is one where you can talk about everything and anything. No secrets are kept.
  6. Would you commit adultery? Society and morality worry you. You wouldn't do anything wrong after marriage.
  7. About marriage, you've always wanted to get married, but in fact, you don't even know what it really is.
  8. About love, at this moment, you think of love as a commitment for both parties.

Why do you love someone?

Here is the reason:

You think he or she is a very smart one. You love his/her brain.

How do you choose your soulmate?

The decisions you have made indicates your criteria in choosing your soulmate.
More important matters come first on the list below:
  1. Love
  2. Education
  3. Money
  4. Appearance
Emotional Test

Here is the analysis:

Your emotional controlled rate: 37%

You know how to let your emotions show but you still find it difficult to do so as often as you should. You should be prepared to let your emotions out more often. When you feel sad let yourself cry, when you feel angry, let your anger show and when you feel happy allow a smile to cross your face.

Allowing your emotions out in this way will do wonders to your physical and mental health.

Psychological Test

Here is the analysis:

  • You have a complicated personality.
  • How ambitious you are depends on the height that you answered, which is: Top.
  • You are stubborn, the size of this personality as seen by others is medium.
  • Diamond means stubborn personality.
  • You are also superior and impressive.
  • You are an opportunist.
  • Your best friend is the one you need when you are in trouble.

One Word to Oneself

Here is the analysis:

  • Your own personality is Loyal.
  • Your partner's personality is Proud.
  • Your enemy's personality is Yucky.
  • What you think about sex is Awakening.
  • What you think about your own life is Soothing.

How attractive are you?

You are extremely attractive to the opposite sex. You are not only good looking but your personality is also charming in many ways.

You know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well. You are always popular among the opposite sex.

How well will you survive in this wild world?

Here is the analysis:

Because of your kind nature, you always find it hard to turn down people in need. You always want to do so many things at once but eventually you might not achieve anything. Try to focus on one thing at a time and you will surely be successful.

Your Working Style

You radiate sympathy and fellowship. You concern yourself chiefly with the people around you and place a high value on harmonious human contacts. You are friendly, tactful, and sympathetic. You are persevering, conscientious and orderly even in small matters, and inclined to expect others to be the same. You are particularly warmed by approval and sensitive to indifference. Much of your pleasure and satisfaction comes from the warmth of feeling of people around you. You tend to concentrate on the admirable qualities of other people and are loyal to respected persons, institutions, or causes, sometimes to the point of idealizing whatever you admire.

You have the gift of finding value in other people's opinions. Even when these opinions are in conflict, you have faith that harmony can somehow be achieved and you often manage to bring it about. To achieve harmony, you are ready to agree with other's opinions within reasonable limits. You need to be careful however, that you don't concentrate so much on the viewpoints of others that you lose site of your own.

You are mainly interested in seeing the possibilities and beyond what is present, obvious, or known. Intuition heightens your insight, vision, and curiosity for new ideas. You tend to be interested in books and moderately tolerant of theory. You are likely to have a gift of expression, but may use it in speaking to audiences rather than in writing. You think best when talking with people.

You are at your best in jobs that deal with people, and in situations that require building cooperation. You are found in jobs such as teaching, preaching, counseling, and selling. You may be less happy in work demanding factual accuracy, such as accounting, unless you can find a personal meaning in your work. You have to make a special effort to be brief and businesslike and not let sociability slow you down on the job.

You base your decisions on your personal values. While you like to have matters decided or settled, you do not necessarily want to make all the decisions yourself. You run some risk of jumping to conclusions before you understand a situation. If you have not taken time to gain first-hand knowledge about a person or situation, your actions may not have the helpful results you intended. For example, in the beginning of a new project or job, you may do things you assume should be done, instead of taking the time to find out what is really wanted or needed. You have many definite "shoulds" and "should nots," and may express these freely.

You find it especially hard to admit the truth about problems with people or things you care about. If you fail to face disagreeable facts, or refuse to look at criticism that hurts, you will ignore your problems instead of searching for solutions.

The five-question personality test

Here is the analysis:

  1. Your ideal mate has a sense of humor and is lively.
  2. You always compare yourself with others. You make your wishes too difficult to come true.
  3. Success depends on someone's faith in their ability. That's your attitudes towards success.
  4. You realize that there are always ups and downs. Joy and sorrow are constant companions.
  5. You are emotional, sincere and optimistic.

What do your friends think of you?

Here is the analysis:

You are cheerful but watch out for gossips. Friends think that you stick your nose into most matters. But because of your cheerfulness, you are often forgiven. Try to be far away as possible from gossips.

Your Hidden Talent:The Mass Communicator

You have a cheerful personality and you are a naturally kind person. Your hidden talent isn't really that hidden at all: you shine among a crowd. You would make an ideal news announcer, flight attendant or model - any position that would give you an opportunity to deal with plenty of people. A tip for you is to avoid getting too deeply involved in others' personal lives - otherwise you might find yourself constantly being asked for help.

Well? DO they sound like??? Some really do but it may be my self-centeredness too... owh well... not much people TRUELY know me anyways... Honestly speaking, nobody does~

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  1. i don't really trust personality test LOL

  2. huh? well some of them ARE ture... but MOST of them fakes the results.. depends how you see it actually~ btw hows u n kham doing?