Friday, February 13, 2009

Of Life and Futures

I'm lifeless, jobless, practically nothingness is drowning my life in the moment... So, I decided to continue my Japanese Language Studies no matter how hard I need to catch up, yet this means more budget for the month.

I am telling you peeps, I have been locking myself in the house for 2 whole months but I can still spend a lot!!! I'm still short in Cash$$$$$... Why? Because I have so much to buy thanks to my clumsiness and somehow, coveting nature of mine.

So, what is there to spend on?
1) Japanese Studies, Advance 1=> rm280 private lesson + 14 lessons (rm205)+text book rm30
2) Squash set, brand new=>rm 369(racquet and bag) + rm120(shoes)
3) New handset, Nokia 5800 Express music=>rm 1500
4) New laptop for further studies=>rm4000++
5) New college outfits=>rm200++ no need to expensive lar... save money but with style~

Grand total=>rm6700++ all in the month of february and march!!!!! omg... im such a spendthrift..... what's worse, the tuition fees and miscilleneous fees aren't included yet!!!! OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!

Do i pass my accounts? haha had the basics but the real calculating is a real pain in my ass so i decided to ditch it...

Ok, what I am having now is a major paranoisme... I love biology, and I would really love it to run in the corridors of hospitals, AS a surgeon or doctor.. Yet, I will also enjoy meeting up people from various countries,companies and cultures and running events as the organizing comittee... So, now I have two completely different paths laid infront of my future, which path to take??

This reminds me of the form 4 literature peom, The road not take... Owh dear... which is the road to be not taken? I do like being a professional like doctors and all, helping peopl and giving advices and all, at the same time and same rate, I prefer running around , collectiing informations and holding up an event, making sure the crowd hits the place and have fun till they reach their hearts' core!

Peeps, I'm really confused now.

Honestly, I chose doctor at first not only of my biology frenziness, at the same time its also because my mum asked me to. Ya know, the same ol'talk...
"Doctors are profs, they earn later, very stable, see SJMC, doctors are needed every where... "

Yes, I get it really I do, but now I'm more afraid of my capabilities later on. SPM is an easy level of life, I can handle the Chemistry

and Biology there, but I'm not sure if I will be able to in later stages of my life, knowing the cranial bones ain't as easy as it seems, and the redox reactions are now inserted with extra elements and the ions are no joke...

So, I'm just worried, because I'm yet to be exposed...

There is so much in PR yet to be discovered too! I mean, people are earning bucks in PR nowadays ,even more when you are dealing with big shots such as, Maxis, Poh Kong, Dutch Lady, Sunway Pyramid or even The Prince... I will really enjoy meeting new people and new stuffs, and explore the miracles between people.... Shit.. I need a LIFE councellor.....

PS: I'm really fond of the character Sunny in the Gem of Life, not because that he is gay and hot, but how far he would do for his love... Imagine this instead, he tells his girlfriend that he is a gay and married with the another just to make sure his girl friend marry another guys which can lead him to a better future.... Can you imagine that???? Wonder if i can go so far...

Obviously I will try to choose a girl to marry instead a guy, unless I have no choice like it is in the story, as the impact is different... Girls will feel worse if a guy choose her over another GUY instead a girl, because she couldn't evem compare to a guy... See how psychology works?

Swithering Off,


  1. Be a doctor eh? :) Academics aside, the everyday work can be bpretty taxing on its own. Ask around and see whether it'll be a good fit for you.

  2. thanks savante~ will do but do you have any recommendation?