Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buffetting : Hitting the Dental.

The last time I checked, I had never had an appointment with any dentist outside school. You know Malaysian government have this dental service thing for students up to standard 6, and its like you're-on-your-own after you step into secondary school?

Well, lucky for me, there was a free check up when I was in Form 4, and jolly that lady dentist scared the heck out of me about my dental health.

And after all the years being afraid of the painful drilling screeches and gushing liquid in the mouth, I've finally came to consensus that I need a cavity filled, pronto.

Dr Yap was cool, steady and also fun! He's not like the funny type, but he keeps his patient occupied with questions and interactions.

The drilling wasn't as painful as I've pictured them during showers(thanks goodness!), guess the other pains I've went through did a miraculous job on increasing my tolerance against pain, taalk about being MAN-ned up.

3 cavities, 20 minutes and Viola~ I'm good as new, with strong teeth! The only minus to this awesomeness is the yellow shadings for gourd-know reasons. Maybe I should get a whitening session or something...

when I have the $$$, and when I start dating then. Which probably around like, 10 years from now.

The fun part comes in when my sis started her session.

2 dead teeth. 4 cavities to be filled. 2 obstructing wisdom teeth. Owh yea, what about braces?

It felt so adult to be able to commune with the dentist with all the terms and conditions, even more when my sis suddenly just kept quiet as I dealt with the issues. I was expecting her to go all Elder-Sister like though.

Guess she is finally accepting the fact that I'm going to face all these soon as a med student, and she will need to confide in my when it comes to health problems.

Owh well, I have a long way to go don't I?*question pointing to Medie, Savante and and all docs out there*

Overall, thumbs up to Dr Yap. Great session, good hands, not to mention no consultation charges for 3 cavities of mine. Dental filling came up to rm180, but its worth the money, I think.

Sorry about the rally post delay, I need to compose my mind before I can go full blast on the night.

Chop chop~


  1. don't go so bossy arnd ur elder sis la. i usually keep quite and let my sis do all the talking, in most instances.

    btw, erm not a hardcore runner, just started running last year. 3rd 21km last weekend, but am a very very very very slow runner. so... don't expect a great results from me. go join kl towerthon, 7th may. my first time doing a tower as well. otherwise i think the next run in kl would be the standard chartered. a few smaller ones here and there, can ask me from time to time.

    otherwise, can write to me personally.

  2. @medie: OMG! I'm going to the kl towerthon too! probably gonna die at like i don't know 10th floor or something XD. I thought you ain't going to std chartered one? Oh well, guess I AM going to be able to see you, provided I know who you are la XD And the crowd doesn't burry you yet. XD hahaha its okau, I started running this year only too, so taking ti easy at 10km this year, maybe increase to half then full next year.

    bossy around my elder sis ar, not that I WANT to, she ALLOWED me to. In fact, she asked me to go with her for the next dental app so I can do all the questions. Talk about being dependent man.

  3. will prolly stick around in klang valley for most of the major runs anyways, what's with you-knw-what-happened and all. so what the heck. not like i'm gonna be busy working. will be in the 21km for SCKLM. btw, there's Adidas King of the road in October. google for it, hopefully still got available slots. haven't even thought abt a full marathon. from 21km to 42km, that's gonna require a very strong pair of calves and thighs.

  4. don't say lar "not like im gonna be busy working" say " I'm still enjoying student life, maybe its a way I'm being told to enjoy more first" XD.
    yea the adidas king of the road! I've heard about it, still deciding to join or not. Cause uni's starting . But I think i will give it a shot, make it a habit then I won't have excuses XD.

    Tell me about it man, 42 km. My friend from sg asked me to hit full on my first I was like FARK YOU LA want me to die on the spot isit? Prolly stick to ten this year. If things get better, maybe 21km next year. Hope to see you around lol!

  5. Years will get by damned fast and soon you'll be graduating :) Just don't be too sad if your parents don't trust you 100% as a doctor okay, they still think of you as a kid!

  6. @savante: yea I get that a lot from my parents T.T even before I get into med school. Hmm, well, 2 decades have already past, I don't see how slow half a decade can get. Just hoping for an enjoyable life down the road, minus the constant sleep deprive and book mugging XD