Friday, April 22, 2011

Buffetting : The Reason 2

It's just weird to see adults constantly repeating(doubled I know) things that they want us NOT to do themselves.

For example,

Scene A:

M:Eh don't drive so fast I'm so scared my heart is flying out.
B: I'm driving with kembara at 60kmph. Fast ar?

While mum drives in Alphard

M: You want to take over me? In your dreams. Not gonna let you go through.
---swooshed the Alphard over to the right lane, break profusely and step on the gas---
B: ....(almost bang into the window.)

Scene B:

B: Fuck, should have hit Fatt Choi. Idiot!
M: Play mahjong only, so angry for what, later Siong Gam Qing( jeopardize relationships in canto)

When mum is playing with uncle and auntie.
M: Niama(Your mum) I wanted that card you have to take it and sek(eat) me to gek(make me angry) me ar?
B: ....( if want to play till siong gam qing, why are you adults keep playing)

It's so weird that the adults always get mad with each other because of mahjong, and claimed that they wouldn't want to play with each other anymore, but by the end of say 2 weeks, Max a month, the mahjong fiasco hits again.


And adults expect us to speak the truth.

Hello, Cinderella goes home after twelve, Pinnochio always lied, Snow White slept with 7 men, Aladdin was a thief, and our parents are doing something they ask us not to do.

So, how are we suppose not do what you ask us not to do?


  1. @alex: damn sien lor.. its like WEEKLY basis summore, my ears feel like they are coming off