Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buffetting : IMU Interview

So far, this is the 3rd interview I've had in 2011 for entrance into a med school.

Well, since its the third, and because it's IMU(no offend meant), the nervous issue seemed to be toned down a lot, though the interviewer did say that I looked tense.

Probably due to the tiredness I have had on that day itself from sending in the Singaporean Scholarship, not to mention house chores.

It's just so stupid that even after I've told the family that I'm having an interview, the clenching on to me and asking me to do everything still persisted, regardless of what I need to deal with.

Okay, post on complaint next time.

So, I''d practically just talked my way through, literally for 15 minutes in the room.

I would say that the interviewers weren't particularly interested in me, and maybe they were just already too tired after multiple candidates stepping into the room.

The whole went just like a ice-breaking session, who am I, my background, family check, hobby(i know right, what the heck?) and the game would be the situation given:

Tim was given the power to put a position into his firm. Paul, his friend applied and was qualified.Yet another candidate also applied and is more qualified than Paul to take up the job. Tim was deciding whether he should be impartial or inconsiderate to choose between both candidates. Finally, Tim chose to be impartial as he is not willing to drop the friendship.

Okay, what would you do.

This is pretty much Malaysian stylo question.

Candidates choose to agree or disagree. Of course I'm the type that disagree to almost everything, for Pete's know reasons.

Gave them my reason, its unfair, gotta be professional, if Paul were to be a good friend he would know Tim's position and perspective, explain to Paul what's going on, yada yada, you know the drill.

Ended up with me asking about some this and that about IMU, viola and I'm done.

Anti-climactic I know, can't believe the interview went so boring.

Maybe I expected too much, who knows.

My mum even said that I was condemning the interviewers, as I stated that the scenario given would be Malaysian Education System all over again.

Yet, after thinking about it, if I were not to sound my opinion on things like this, no matter how sensitive it might be, I don't think I would be a good doctor.

Imagine you were asked to hide things from your patient as a doctor.

I won't be able to do that. It's unfair.

It's a different matter maybe, but to me it relates.

Woohoo, more differences between me and the family, way to go man.

Guess it's the part of puberty which hit me real late.

No pictures, IMU's interview is a lil bland. Maybe things will be different upon enrollment.


  1. congratulations on making the interview

  2. @medie: its just an interview man.. don't even know when they will give me an answer.. BOO

  3. hope you get the singapore scholarship...

  4. @zewt: hey how'd you know I was applying for it?