Monday, April 25, 2011

Buffetting : Sprained ankle, again

Geez its like when bad things happen, they all come in a series without any spaces for my to catch a breath.

With the new sprained ankle, I'd probably need to skip my whole week's work out routine, which means my blob will get bigger.

Fark man.

It's not that I do not want to get a new shoes, its that I don't know where, and I'm not sure if I really do need it or not.

I'm stepping into university soon, and its a hardcore course. Devoting time to gym is something I promised so there's no change in that, same goes to series of marathon. But as for badminton, I do not exactly have a long term plan for it.

Sure I'm in the training team now and all, yet its all temporary. If I get a pair of shoes now, what if I do not continue after 3 months?

Hmm, I guess I'm just over worrying. Should have gotten the shoes ages ago to reduce the damage to be done, and done on the poor legs.

Well, look what over worrying got me into. Swollen elephant legs, which were already swollen before, its just that the size before was teenage elephant, and now adult elephant.

*Elephant trumpet roar*

Walking is still possible, its just very annoying that the pain persists, and it feels like your leg is gonna twist anytime soon because of the loose knob. And yes, the leg feels like its swollen.

I'm so gonna miss gym for the rest of the week!


  1. get one that's suitable for running as well. running just takes a sunday morning, not more than 3 hours if u're running 10km.

  2. @medie: I've gotten a brand new running shoes, its just that using it for court games is plain stupid, and I'm stupid T.T. not more than 3 hours? How's your training regime like? 10km every single session, or its like 3km for practice, then 10km for the real thing?

  3. actually... i don train on normal days. =.=

  4. @medie: wah damn godlike lor you~ i normally just run like 3km in total or by parts in the gym before and after weights. What to do, big size mar need more strength on the leg to support upper body XD

  5. That's reall swollen *gulps*... Take care and get well soon! :)

  6. @alex: haha that's not mine! just an illustration only~ mine's that big even without any injuries. the ankle should be fine by tomorrow, skipping gym today just to make sure it have some time to heal

  7. do u need an official invitation ajak-ing u to join the run that i joined? ntv7 run, and the 2 running events in klang are all in july.

    btw, came across Men's Health Shape night run in putrajaya also in july, but i prolly am not going for shape run cuz the next day i'll be running in klang. besides, there's limited medal in the night run. me don like. me want medals.

  8. owh yea same also la.. me want medals also XD owh kay just kidding la no official invitation needed, just prompt in your blog do well!

    ok I will check out on all the places you've told me. Prolly will register for some but not all. Will die by the time year end comes. XD