Sunday, April 10, 2011

Buffetting : Influence 2

It's getting really frequent of me to post things about my family friend from Singapore.

I have no idea why, some how my mind is gravitated towards Singapore from Japan lately.

Probably because of the dis-attachment from Japan since last year after I've successfully screwed up my Monbukagakusho Mathematics examination, not to mention imprinting WRONG ID number on my test papers. FML back then.

So the whole attraction thing goes from the north to the south of my place, and it feels like nothing stops me from going to that country now.

Yet, I think its just the sudden urge I'd always have since the dawn of my very own thoughts.

We all know Singapore is better in most stuffs compared to Malaysia, and their universities are like top-tiered ones, and their rankings are in the 50s list, while Malaysia's are in like, I don't know,200s?

It's just the thought of studying in Singapore, and working hard towards getting a place there only initiated lately, since I've entered A levels I think.

Plus, the meeting of the Singaporean family friends in addition to the knowing of the cousin, some how Singapore has managed to attract me more than ever.

Even "Every Singaporean Son" form National Geographic channel caught my attention in the mamak place behind my house.

I was like, "Goodness, what have Yvonne and family has done to me man?"

But of course, I'm not turning into a Singaporean yet, not all Singaporeans are as awesome as the people I've met here. There were worse, like the fat arses who blocked my view back in 2007 when I was watching some animal show.

Fine maybe I had more than 3. Japanese class mates!

Well, I guess being in the house with less than 3 outings in multiple weeks can do pretty much damage to one's brain, especially this one. The house chores, though ain't that hectic is getting boring, and the constant application of scholarships and universities now soon becoming a pain, not to mention the never-ending worries of money on everything else including a new saxophone, new gym membership and where-the-hell to get the money.

Did I mention I got myself into education line?

If everything goes well, I'd probably working in my previous school as a substitute for my ex-biology teacher, cause she is going on a MATERNITY LEAVE!!!!

Well, she is a nice teacher, so no grudge against here. I had one against the skinny head back in the form 5 school, same size, but much more crooked and fucked up.

So yea, things around pretty much was boring, but the Karaoke session yesterday was plain awesome. The screaming made my throat to hit multiple orgasms in a night, and lucky I was smart enough to bring in a 2 litre of H2O for lubricating purposes.

Okay side-tracked. Pardon me.

Back to influence. So yes, it can be both good or bad, I guess. The good thing is definitely the fact that I'm going into the healthy lifestyle right now. I'd practically go for sports every day other than Weds when I have my class. It's either badminton or body pump, with the same company every day. So there's a motivation, and making commitment seemed logical.

As for bad, guess I am pulling away from my family, which I have had always wanted because of the dependence they dropped on me since the dawn of time. Getting away from them now and then, especially my university days is definitely preferable. Rebellion? Yes I'm hitting puberty late, so kill me.

Anyway, I think I've actually attained a certain amount of karma and luck, in the sense that this particular family was sent directly into my life right when I needed company and someone to coherent to most. I guess our karma just crosses each other somehow. I bet we were like a family or something close in our previous lives XD okay overboard.

That sums up the influence I've had lately. Good or bad, I think the outcome will show in a few months' time. Back to scholarship applications.

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