Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buffetting : The Reason

All of us do things for specific reasons.

1-We study so that we get into university, then get a good job for a good living,NO?
2-We go for sports so that we keep our body healthy and fit, so that we live a good life,NO?
3-We(post-stpmers) look for jobs so that we can earn money, get things that we want without needing to hold our hands to the parents for cash, NO?
4-We opt for scholarships and better university criteria, so that the parents can ease on the expenses on US, NO?

Somehow, the brains of the adults, including the elder sister can be so cynical and nonsensical, till they can't differentiate the point of us youngsters do things.

Before this, they say I wanted to take up Mass Communications because of my best friend did. And till today, people I've met in Education Fairs never stopped asking me to take up PR as my degree. For my best friend?

Before this, they say I went for squash because I wanted to be with the girl in the session so badly that I went 3 times a week. At least by now, I can play with most average squash players. Plus, the girl has a boyfriend now. For the girl?

Now, when I said I'm signing up for a gym membership, they say I go because of the gym buddy. Hey, you can't blame a person to have a partner in doing sports right? Even you need an opponent for badminton, why can't I opt for a gym bud at all? Because gyming doesn't need any companion? BULLSHIT.

Now, when I wanted to work, they say what for? You earn like so little a day and you learn nothing. Look, I'm trying to loosen the burden on you so that you don't have to freaking frown right in front of my face when I ask money from you. Don't you think I feel embarrassed and bad whenever I held my hand out for money? I'm 20, and unemployed. Why? Because you never let me to. Work for you in your office? Please, I'd rather work partner in Rakuzen again. I need some time off from your rants and nags also.

Now, when I wanted to apply for scholarships, you keep on pushing the documents I required away from your list. It's just the pay slip and monthly expenses! Do you need a decade to sort those out? The scholarship applied is meant to EASE YOUR BURDEN. Not mine! I can just ignore and spend whatever shit money I want on anything and continue to ask money from you, but I chose NOT TO. Why can't you just help YOURSELF out? Seriously, sometimes these evil thoughts of being ignorant comes into the mind, and I can just fuck everything once and for all, but I didn't.

Seriously, what more can you want from a child? I'm getting into med school, I've brought glory to the home by being the first human in both paternal and maternal that aced STPM, I never smoke or do drugs, I do all the housework, despite my rants and complaints, seriously, can wanting a gym membership and a saxophone AND working with parties I want to being irrational and inconsiderate?

Who are the ones being inconsiderate here?

FML. I don't know how many times I have to say this, and how long I can take this.


  1. *pats* There there.... have you tried talking to them nicely? :/

  2. @alex: don't like talking to them la.. its like preparing for a warzone or test when I talk to them about these stuffs

  3. ur parents... -__-

    very...... haiz... hope u can get ur scholarship.

    Sometimes very hard de la... old ppl will not listen de. =p

  4. @vin: it have been a while from you! haiz.. what to do, typical cina family lar... really hope I can get scholarship though, but most of them are like just aids only, not all covered.

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