Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buffetting : Personality test, again.

Can you differentiate "Liking" and "Loving"?


In the midst of walking down the street, a part-timer came over and asked you to fill up a questionnaire. Skeptical over the information's destination in the end, you decided to fake one of the details. Which one would you fake it?

A.  姓名(Name)
B.  電話(Phone number)
C.  年齡(Age)
D.  婚姻狀況(Marital Status)

My answer:

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖。

I'm sorry you guys who know nuts about Mandarin has got to google translate because I'm SOO LAZY to do so.*Squint eyes for XD*

Somehow the result is true. I'm am so very,de,super,freaking careful when it comes to promises, even more when its something BIG*I have been using this word alot, no eye-dear why* like, saying 我愛你/I love you/愛してる/I cinta pada You.

It's what I would do exactly, even when I have a crush or whatever they call *wanting to see that person everyday syndrome* is, I will tell myself off in the shower, its not time yet, and that person is a just a friend.

Allowing myself to step into a love matter at this point of my life is definitely a no no, plus I'm not even sure if I'm ready for it. Why?

A-I'm not earning my bucks yet. Spending the other half's bucks? Kill me.
B-I'm not matured enough yet, not I'm sure of what I really want. Getting into a relationship? Naah, Kill me.
C-I do not think I have a high EQ to take instant break-ups or instant reforms. It's just too much. Being involve is not something like one night stand. Touch and go and no feelings harmed.

I'm such a turn-off ain't I? Overly-careful, especially when it comes to these matters.

I bet its the too much free time I have now before I enter the med school which allows me to have space to develop weird thoughts and extra unnecessary(for now) matters.

Which means, I've got to get back to business ASAP, or its A levels-STPM transition fiasco again.

Owh, the other answers' results?

要你愛上別人是需要時間的,你認為要給對方清楚的交代。假如隨口說說,不僅會讓對方受傷,你也必須要承擔這個責任。你寧可和對方表明「喜歡」的感覺,也讓 對方知道「喜歡」是怎樣的交往程度,給彼此寬闊的空間,慢慢培養感情。進可攻,退可守,到時候說再見,也不會太傷感。假如能繼續發展,也算是水到渠成的美 事。

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖。


  你對於「喜歡」和「愛」的定義完全不清楚,說明白點,是根本不在意。對方愛聽什麼,你就說什麼,對你而言,沒有界定的必要。你不怕說「愛」,那絕不會 為你帶來負擔,因為你想走就走,不認為需要為自己說的話負責。舊情人如同翻過的書頁,展開戀愛的新頁後,對過岸EA便不復記憶了。

Go google translate la. I'll translate the question though.

Owh, I went to a rally! The post on it probably will offend most christians, but its just what I perceived it personally. The full post should be up any time soon!


  1. A & B...

    I wanted to choose A, then saw B, so chose B. So should be both.

    (About the breaking up with boyfriend strip, why need to sleep with his best friend? Cannot sleep with any random guy?)

  2. Because with the best friend probably will do the long-lasting damage than random guy. It's like you found out your best friend and your girl friend BOTH cheated on you the same time, the damage is like 10000X

  3. Google translate is just horrible.... gah!!

    But oh well, seems like my answer is same as urs, i roughly get the meaning of it :P

    **Don't shave for a month** LOL LOL....wth! HAHAHA

  4. @alex: I know! I was like, you sure that's gonna work ar? Its gonna stop growing at some point anyway, so kinda redundant. XD