Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buffetting: Tied Down

How frequent does any of your family member buzz you?

Everyday? Every hour? Every fortnight? or Every month?

Well, I guess Everyday is for average people, Every fortnight is for busy people and Every month is for uber busy people.

As for me, I fall into the Every hour category.

It's just weird that when you are a lil techno-savvy in the house, all members coming pounding on you asking about every single silicon,wires and coppers about the computers and electrical appliances.

And from bothersome, it can evolve into annoyance, and ultimately it turns into enraging.

Over the years, the whole family has been so dependent, and it really does bother me when they just call me all the time just to expect me to fix something for them.

What's worst, as I've gotten my driving license, the butler frenzy never stopped, and because of these butler duties, I've been bounded to all the needs of my family.

As of now, as the maid goes MIA till the new one pop in I have to cover 50% of the existing house chores, as I'm the so-to-speak free-iest one around, due to the 9 months break before university intake.

So back to how being tied down affects my life. I'm joining a fitness center, and I'm picking up saxophone really soon. The problem is, I have been all cash out, but no cash in.

It is not like I didn't try getting the jobs, it's that I have to reject them every single time I was offered.

A: Mattress promoter in PWTC.
Parents: It's so far, and promoter jobs give nothing to you. Don't go la.

B: Tuition teacher in a center
Parents: Don't want la. You need to fetch your brother, maid not around. You are needed in the house. Low pay somemore

C: Teacher's job in ex-school
Parents: So low pay, morning some more, you sure you want to go meh?

Look, you are the ones asking me to get a job out there, now you are telling me not to take the job. Can you adults make up your mind? First you complain I'm slacking in the house, once I've got my jobs you say I'm needed around.

Contradictory beyond reach.

Well, these are the problems people don't see anyway. Some even comment on Facebook that because of my "Typical Picky Malaysian" syndrome that ended me without any jobs.

Kinda hurtful, because it wasn't me that was picky, it was my parents. I always told my bosses money ain't issue to me, because experience is what I'm seeking. So, if I'm that picky, would I actually take up a job which requires 8 hours of work and only RM50 per day? Even promoters get RM100 a day without 8 hours of work.

But I don't blame the judging, as normally laymen perceive things on the first sight,thought, and condition. It takes closer bonds for people to understand what one goes through.

I'd just wish things will turn out right eventually. Although the parents have nodded to the membership and saxophone, I still don't feel comfortable using their money. People might think that I'm able to work for my income, which I really do hope I can.

Yet, due to these family issues which got me tied down, I can only dream and hope that the maid comes in ASAP. Fuck My Life seriously.

When does this shit ends?


  1. every morning every night.

    i'm trying my best to be okay with it.

  2. #medie: I know its hard, but trust me, I'm trying my best now also. Times are always hard, what matters most is how you deal with it. You can do it medie, if you can't I will go kuku also

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  4. Well for the time being, just follow the flow. You won't be around your family for too long after you enter your uni - still dunno where u are going though...

  5. @whizkid: yea stilling deciding, but my parents want me near home, while i was thinking otherwise. Just darn tired of the excuse of "because my family dot dot dot"

  6. try home tutoring? :P

    1) you're at home and can cater to ur family's needs ;)

    2) just give the students loads of work to do and voila, just sit and teach XD

    other than that, just bear with it....><

  7. @alex: i have no idea where to get my students XD plus, im going to university in september, its kinda unfair to them to leave them high and dry without any further guidance after being their tutor. I did thought of it before, its just that getting students is hard, plus I'm like takder experience summore XD got recommendations ar?

  8. recommendations dun have lo sorry @@... but u can always tutor primary kids temporary aite? :D

    Perhaps ur mum and dad has some frens who has kids aged ranging from 7-12~ Im sure you could cope wih that xD

  9. @alex: i'll see what to do then. my parents' friends ar? all university ledi. I'm the only one left high and dry T.T. But my friend asked her sis to come over for me to teach, so I guess that's a good start. Hopefully things evolve into better shapes T.T

  10. Yeap Yeap, it's a good start...who knows that ur a fantastic teacher and ur fren's sis would spread the news of ur good teaching and voila, next thing u know, ur famous! :P

  11. @alex: haha like things would go so smoothly for me hor? XD thanks for the encouragement anyway!


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