Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buffetting : What Matters Most--and the rest of it

It only crossed my mind after a long hiatus from relationships.

Well, maybe they crossed my minds when I'm half way to dreamland, yet things didn't really get into line before this.

It was Marckie's birthday and the family(although I'm have like no direct blood relationship) just gave him a mini party, and hopefully you liked it*if you are reading this at all XD*!!!

On our way back, we talked about, well relationships.

What matters most?

Well, being able to talk is probably the first thing.

How else a relationship can go on without any stimulates, primarily TOPICS.

Be it about a day at work, definitions of words, or just the dust you got on your shirt will do fine.

Of course, most couples do already passed this stage.

Next, what matters second?

I guess being in the materialistic environment for a long period of time has molded me into thinking that, whether you like it or not, looks do come in.

Maybe the factor shifts between various individuals, some claims that love transcends looks and racial.

Face the facts, its the 21st century, almost everything is first impression-basis.

Argue with me that people who matter about looks are shallow, including me.

Personally, looks probably boost one's*well at least mine* confidence, even more when the partner is of a better class.

Example, if your partner is sizzling hot, has the face of an angel, well-educated and mannered, do you think you who is as fat as the pig in the sty, damn color(barbaric in hokkien) and ignorant is well coped to be his or her partner?

I don't think its fair. They presented themselves well, and have made effort in doing so. Being ignorant and looking sloppy is definitely not an option.

Gosh what am I saying.

Well, I guess I'm not matured and ready enough to get into relationships get, or sex for that matter.

Sex is just something, BIG.
No, not even sweets can tempt me into sex.


  1. it's so funny (in a good way) leih when you start to blog on relationships...add oil.

  2. funny meh? I sounded so stupid lol! haha nothing much on relationship yet, still single T.T