Friday, January 9, 2009

Of Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia~~~

I bet there will be at least 3 of other bloggers out there posting something to do with this issue... Yes, today is Malaysia Badminton Open. quater finals... So, the 3 fellas who are most likely going to blog about this are:

Ee Lyn, some media fella in the msia's badminton thingy; Sebastian wong, the badminton freak/fan/synonyms; and also Fassus(JR) who went there with me, along with 5 other friends.

Reached there around 5.45 in the afternoon thanks to my dad's alphard, along with Jer Renn, Saicheong, Yi Xian and Peng Han. Had, mamak but i knew it wouldn't fill me up for long. So, got the tickets from Yuee Jhian, thanks to her we got to get the rm35 premiums and also a little temporary sponsorship from me. Seated right in the middle of court 2 and 3, we were considered luky as it was a strategic position to view the master players in the court of each country, especialy the host, Malaysia's team.

When Dae lost his shots...

Both party's reaction~~~

Didn't have the need to strain our necks, we enjoyed thoroughly. Yet, the whole point wasn't to see Malaysia to win though, it was the atmosphere and the feeling that i truely enjoyed. Fun, yet tiring to see how Malaysia's players try their to win glories for their country. I couldn't say that Malaysians are all patriotic, especially when girls are around. Eg:, our only girl mate who was there with us, yuee jhian was totally enjoying herself screaming "Lee YOng DAE" hlaf of the time, supporting Korea's victory. And there were also other group of girls who were supporting Lee Yong Dae, and also Peter Gade who was playing with Liew Darren. Well, if I were them I would too support Gade, as he really have the looks.

So, lets start with mixed doubles. As expected, Malaysia's both team lost to their opponents, Korea and Denmark. Yuee Jhian was thrilled when Yong Dae won, but she just said,"expected lar...." Omgoodness..... Anyway...

Mixed doubles~
Women's singles.. Owh well.. was supporting much more than the mixed doubles though, my pong pong deflated as i held them too hard. hahaha... Yet, they lost too... to China and Taiwan i think... don't mind the scores... the point is they lost too... Owh well...

Women's singles

Men's singles... Thank goodness Dato Lee was up to standard and whacked Simon's arse hard... double set but he did a splendid job on Simon as he smashed his way to vicotory, literally... As for Liew Darren, as new as you are, Peter Gade is much more experienced and true enough, much more good looking to beat you flat hahaha..... Peter Gade was real nice to greet us when he won!

Peter Gade VS Darren Liew

Lee Chong Wei VS Simon Samonthingy~

Gade's victory~~~

Last smash i think~

Women's doubles... Really thought Malaysia had chance against the new china team, yet they let us down in the third set... Malaysia... Die in the very last moment... so classic of Malaysia....

Men's doubles... Reallyreally bet with Yuee Jhian that Korea was going to lose this time, yet they let us down once more.... 21-19, third set.. cmon Malaysia... every single match is like the same score... Don't you have any other gimmicks left? KHoo ku ku and Ah heong... what were you thinking???? Lee Yong Dae, you really have a bunch of hardcored die -hard fan just right here in usj6....

Men's doubles... Korea Vs Msia.. lost as expected again

Ended... well the experience was real fun seeing how Malaysian's having the only patriotic spirit for their badminton players to win this tourney today... i mean for MOSt malaysians... not all... most of them show their patriotisme in different ways..... So... the experience was real deal... worth the rm 35 and the seating was just perfect... nice angles for perfect camero shots.... Well.. can't say much about badminton as im not a real hard fan of it... but i just enjoy bits and partials of it...

Plus point, met a new friend today, Yuee Jhian's old class Mate, Yu Xin from smk puchong... he is also a badminton player too... so next time if i need someone to play with.. .. he is in the list then.. including yuen and his bro.. we have 2 pairs~~~ well.. since im always the odd one out... guess fassus can enjoy their game without me.... owh well... I AM the odd one out all the time anyway... so no pressure there... walked alone when we were heading back to the car anyway... its ok.... ramblinf... hey its MY blog.. i do whatever i like to!!! hahaa...

So.. enjoying 14 sai no haha now... really touching story of 14 years old mom... save it for next blog then.. indulging in thai pop currently.... can't wait to download 4 romance~~~~

The last whack~~~~

Signing Off,

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