Monday, January 12, 2009

Sau YeooooW~~~~

Ok... again another tiring day from work~~~~ Saw the title? It means "CRAZY" in Myanmar.. haha all my non-chinese collogues really love to use this.. It is like.. "Eh sauyoo just now arh... and today... Yupa really got me laughing till my heart's core... she was actually telling Paul downstairs through the phone that she kept doing mistakes and she said"Paul ar.. today I sauyoo ledi ar Paul.." it might not seemed as funy here but really, she looked damned funny back in the kitchen hahah.. >laughing out loud<

And, today was really sauyoo for me also... The place was quite busy today.. Everything went real smooth until the crowd got a little heavier.. and my collegues aren't free to whip up a watermelon juice for the customer.. I was like, me, preparing a watermelon juice for a customer in this high class restaurant? I barely worked for half a month? Take it easy.. SO i headed to the juicer.. I took the container with watermelon and placed in beside the juicer. Funny thing about restaurants is, something is always missing. I can't find the three pin plug, and the fork and spoons' ends are too big to fit in the slot.. I had to force my way through it. I wanted to switch off the power point, but there was a plug connected to the billing machine so i was afraid offing it may just.. ya know make the whole system down. So, idioticly, i pinned the plug right into the pins and forced my way through... And within seconds, i heard a "tick". OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole area's electrical supply went down. " I was asking yupa, "PAHHHH!!! Where is the fuse box? The trip went off" and i panicked like crazy... Should have took a picture of myself.... kakakkaa... and she was like,"dont sauyoo me.. i very busy.. i dont know where.. go find... fast fast.." Then Mama nam came in and i aske the same question. And the same answer bounced right back into my face.. Shit.. the customer is waiting... And the watermelon juice is not out yet... OTher customers to serve.. shit shit shit shit... Then I panicked till Mama pointed.. "eh, the fuse box is there lar i think" I was like... You think? You are the assistant captain for goodness sake!! I sped there, opened up and see a fuse poped down. Quickly i pushed it upwards.. and i can hear machines working again. It was before i noticed that the juicer's switch was still on and the watermelon started to splash quite "bloodily" around. Lucky for me everyone was out serving and I quickly used the stopper to juice it into the cup.

Actually it was real easy...
1:Juice it
2: Pour it into a high stand glass
3: Test it using a tea spoon
4: Add some sugar if neccessary
5: Add some ice for the chilling effect
6: Put some small cubes of watermelon to decorate it
7: Put a soak pad underneath the cup and serve~

Pretty easy steps for a high class restaurant eh? Owh well.. Gues what i knocked into a baby's sit right after i delivered the watermelon juice!!! Omgoodness... what was stupid was that the baby's reaction for 30 seconds slow.. I banged the chair, said sorry for at least 5 times... The baby looked at me, then his mum and his uncle, only he started crying... Funnyness... if all the babies are like that, will think twice if im specialising in babies in the future... at least gyanaecology has stuffs to do with prematured foetuses and placentas only, not freaking unpredictable babies' thoughts~

Normal Setting~
And today, i had to learn all about menu~~~
Still remember though
1:Rakuzen Bento RM75
Comes in with Sashimi, Yakimono(Unagi), Sunomono, Konomono, Chawanmushi ,Pickles,Assorted Tempura, Sushi and also Miso Soup
For those who really have no idea what they should eat upon stepping into our doorsteps, try this one out.. It has all the varieties you need form our outlet.

2: Rokkaku Bento RM60
Comes in with Sashimi, Yakimon, Sunomono, Konomono, Chawanmushi, Pickles,Assorted Tempura and also Miso Soup.
What is the difference in the rm15? It is the sashimi. This baby here gives you the sashimi and the rice itself, without another sashimi set. Plus, its yakimono consist only kabuto, while the rm75 offers unagi, the best among yakimonos.

These two are the best and most complete set of bento form our store, yet it is not the most expensive one. I had only remembered these two though, so i will only further explain the sets themselves

As we know they will definitely have Salmon in it, but it varies in the additional which is Tuna and Amberjack. By tasting the leftovers from the customers lately, which btw is not really leftovers in pieces, they left the whole set untouched(love rich japanese men~), even amberjack is more expensive, Tuna still rocks over Amberjack. So, Salmon and Tuna is the way to go~~~~~

Well, like I said the best is Unagi, which is eel in english~ Coz the sauce of rakuzen is a real deal.. splendid texture and thick, appetiting unagi tenders your stomach really well. But, if you don't really like unagi, you can have the "satays" like the Yakitori stalls, where we have grilled chilli, mushrooms, chicken and more. So, choose wisely~

is actually the stuffs which they had , how do you put it, "vinegered" as they marinates them in vinegars. So, they works as appetizers in the way.

are food which are definitely cooked ranging from prawns to cockles. You can choose too.

This darlings are eggs. From translated Japanese, is is called "humid cups" as they steamed the eggs filled with mushrooms, chicken and the japanese fish cakes in it. A must have if you truely want to have a good taste of Japanese food.

Assorted Tempura
Well, everybody know what these are. Ranging from vegetables, fish and prawns, they are coated with real good tempura flour and fried to succumb the diners with the crisp yet maintaining the freshness of the original texture. Trust me, in Rakuzen, the vegetables tempura still tast as good as it is after it is cold, the sweetness of the eggplant burst in you mouth as you crunch it, after leaving it for 1 whole hour!!!! Rakuzen rules~~~ And not to forget the tempura sauce, though i still don't get its significance. I still think tempura goes werll with tartar sauce~(drooling~~~)

Miso Soup
Typical Japanese soup with the miso paste, tofu and some vegetables in it. The most traditional breakfast of Japanese comes with this honey~

Ok.. so I have gradually introduced the good stuffs and the best of Rakuzen in this post... Specially dedicated to Willy Lam~~~ Better keep your promise and drop by k? Will post on more food and my manager ask me to memorize more of these

PS: I will have to explain all these to the customers daily... imagine how my saliva needs to replendish themselves~~~Pantingg<<<<< That was only 2 of em from the 20 sets, more is to come~~~~~~ Not to forget ala carte and also the drinks... OMG~~~ My night mare starts right today~~~~

Thats all for tonight then~~~ NExt post tomorrow~~~

PS2: I am officially an employee now as i got my EPF number from the KWSP of Malaysia in PJ, Jalan Gasing this morning.. Got to bond with my dad in the car as he explains the routes of KL and PJ which links to SJ... So.. today i finally knew that:
1:Klang is Chinese Central
2:Kampung Bahru is Malay Central
3: Forgotten which one was Indian central(sorry my dear mates)

Well, the routes are easy as Signs are invented for their reasons~ Having my 2nd driving lesson this saturday.. Hope i don't get scared by any more motorcyclist this time, and get my self a smaller shoes to step on the break without touch the acclerator of the small KANCIL!!! I'm 6 footed with such huge physique and Malaysia government ask me to fit into the driver seat of the puny KANCIL??? Owh well, most of the government servants are small, fat and short anyway.. I stresses MOST, not all okay?

OK.. tired enough, should go to my facial cleansing now and prepare for tomorrow... Target of body weight by 25th January, 85 kg!!!! And i shall wear more so called"trendy" clothes like how my sis had defined as my obese body didn't allow me to fit into any good clothes for the pass 10 years in my schooling days. Hope that my body really could go lean this year and ya know.. do what normal human does lar... kakaka no need to remind on that~~~
More water to flush the fat(darren's note), 45 minutes running at least 3 times a week(willy's notes) and take in green apples(robb's note but i think i substitute with salad)

And for the face.. Willy, i think i will be using toner and facial plus a mask my mom recommend for now as i really couldn't afford what you had listed~ I am trying to find moisturizer but watson was a real let down~ Got myself toner instead~ Trying to whiten my teeth for now too~~~ Buddha really blessed to meet these people and their advices rocks!!!!

Ok, enough for today~

Signing Off,


  1. moisturizer from watson? cheap plak brand? you can try but must stop once your skin reject.

    the rejection i mean is pimple or redish skin. put extra afford wor,

    wish you successfully lose weight until 85kg ^_^

  2. thx willy!!!!! I dont know where to get branded lar... once i went to caring but obviously my skin rejected thoroughly... any places to introduce ar??? still blurrr in the moment~

    and thx! I will put more afford on my skin and my body~!

  3. I love Japanese food but Willy doesn't. Craving now...

  4. haha you seriously do? well rakuzen is really good in it!!! trust me the shop wouldn't let you down~!

    willy doesn't like japanese? owh thats a shame!