Monday, January 19, 2009

Money money~~~

Well, three days' break form work!!! have to start again tomorrow~ phew really love my breaks now... working is no joke... peeps who are studying out there!!! Studies ARE less stressful than working!!!! Goodness~ When will march arrive??? When will my results arrive??? Argh!!!! Rambling~ Back to reality...

Guess what peeps? My Sony Ericsson K800i has finally and also, officially spoiled~ It happened yesterday when I dropped it into sink when i was half way bathing, and it got soaked~ OMGDNESS~~~~~ Owh well, i didn't had much pressure because, >.< all the more reason to get a new phone!!! So... i have narrowed down to these 2 babies:

Prime: Nokia 5800, as what Robb had already mentioned earlier in his blog...
Price: RM1400++
Whats worth: 3.2 megapixels,touch screen,3G,Wi-fi,Youtube downloader

Secondary: Sony Ericsson C905
Whats worth: 8 mega pixels, touch screen,3G, Wi-fi,Cyber Shot, Video blog

So which one sounds cooled? owh wel im getting it after my spm results so im hoping for a huge drop in their prices to cover my budget~ Now, another issue of my life, my new and only music interest...

SAXOPHONE!!! not sex-on-phone ok? Someone mentioned it to me before when I was talking about it in the phone and he was like:"What??? You are actually into it? I can't believe I'm talking to you right now!!!" Stupid fella... YEaH! Saxophone! I got it because I was so influenced by the saxophone part of the song "gun-lae-gun" in The Love of Siam!!!! Seriously the part of the song was super good and it rhymes in my head almost every single day!!! I even hymed it during work time(when my customers were real happy with my service) until my supervisor was like," can you be quiet during work ar?" I totally flushed... So, going to call the music centre to confirm which type of saxophone i will be using in the future, as they have plenty!!!! But, i have narrowed down to alto and tenor as they are quite commonly used, and they are more , so-called standardized. Some in the saxophone family is really huge which can reach till the height of 2.0metres!!! How am I suppose to enjoy it when I need to constantly hug something which is taller than me? Well... hope i can really know some music now, as all my siblings had some basics in their pianos, as i have none.. due to my mum's theory of, " you only need to study ok? Don't waste your time"... Now, i have time... so time to learn something I want!

Tenor sax

Alto sax

And then.. I will need to hit the gym constantly after i quit my job in Fitness First, where all expenses paid by my dad(MUAHAAHHAHAHHA) because my parents were like:"We don't want you to waste your body.. Go build up so you will be more muscular and sexy," >>jaws opened<<<>.<"
SQUASH RACQUET!!!! I am sick and tired of my dunlop now!!! I need a new racquet adn shoes!!!!! Prince is the best!!!! Actually, speaking of these, my parents were only willing to feed me into gym, not saxophone nor squash.. Imean.. why couldn't i get the same treatment as my other siblings do? They get fabulous badminton racquets, badminton bags, shoes and even their outfit. The only shirt im using for squash is the "Prince" lime green i have got since form4, which my coach had gave me. My shoes, hmph i am using the super old one, which had been repaired twice and used since earlier form 4, when my squashing skills had started to improve a little. And my racquet, it took my parents till now to decide whether to buy me a new one since my tournement in Malaysia's Open back in June,2008. Now, i'm still stuck with the Dunlop my mum used 15 years ago. Heavy, bulky, old and the handle is so shitty.... My siblings get their worn out shoes, racquets and shirts replaced "instantly" with brand new ones... haiz... guess this is the only place i can ramble and rant like this...

Now... I'm really lost as i will need so much budget to replace my old items with new ones... Phone ====> Rm1500
Racquet===> Rm 370
Shoes=====>rm 120
Saxophone==>rm 600 or more
Total======>rm 2600 or more

I earn 190 per week... rm 800 per month.. I can barely pay half of my phone.... OMG!!!!!!!
Need to earn more money.. but i wonder how... any job recommends peeps?

Oops, i forgot that im also picking up my Japanese language also... stepping into Advance 1 in these coming February... which will cost me around rm 1000+++ now i will need rm 4000 to cover all my cost... even a fresh graduated accountant earn less than this... how how how??? Can't believe i will be spending sooo much!!!!

Owh well.. enough of rambling... need to sleep so that i wont be tired of working until Chinese New Year hits...

Signing Off,


  1. errr.... how about selling your virginity for some extra pocket money? you can ask some opinion from ad infinitium on how to sell your virginity with good price LOL

  2. omgoodnes... not the time yet lar... maybe after 7 more months after my birthday lar kakakakaka...

    and u sure ad infinitium have any opinion??!!!