Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok its chinese new year right??? I guess everyone was hoping for a OPEN HOUSE by Yong Bin again right? Kar Wyaii I really wanted to make it this week, but im bonded to my work, so i can only do it next week, but you wouldn't be around anymore!!!! Ugh... im sorry... guess everyone can't enjoy CNY with you... But anyways... I am planning to make it tooo~ B ut by the time i make it, i will be quiting my job... Willy sorry i won't be around during April if you drop by in Rakuzen~

So its that im making the open house, but im quiting my job in rakuzen because it will be sooo much burden and stress on me if I work and organized this open house at the same time, not to mention my Bloody face and body is getting worse by the day due the to stressful and never-ending work in rakuzen~ Fun... BUT TIRING!!!!! I think I can bare with it after I really completed my tertiary education~

Ok people now i need you help... For those who are interested please drop a comment in this pose so i can make sure who is coming and preparations and all ok? The details are as below, but there may be change ok? drop you comment, along with your phone number as i had "killed" my phone last Rat year and i lost all my freaking contacts... help me out here ok? Details are as BELOW:

Date:7th Februrary 2009

Time:7.00pm till midnight

Dress-code: Chinese New Year larh....

Contacts: Call yong bin or drop your number or email

Venue: Yong Bin's house, if you don't know... call me lar...

PS: Bring cash $$$$$$$$$ if you want as people love to gamble in my house... and don't forget ang pao for me ok?(jk jk) and bring anything if you want.. but try not to overdose on beers ok? i had experience last 2 years... very horrible~

Thats about it... but once again, NOT CONFIRMED~~~ Everything can be changed due to circumstances so people... brace youself~~~~

Now.. im quiting my job soon...see the consequences...

im going to lose my insentives...
im losing more experiences...
im "unemployed=penganggur" now...

and the pros...

im free!!
im working in my mum's office which ives me 5 times salary!!!
im hitting the gyms!!!
im getting back to my japanese classes!!!
im getting my hands on saxophone!!!

so... we can see the diff CLEARLY right? ok... time to entertaint my cousins~ later peeps!

Signing Off,

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